Nautilus coils only lasting one day

Hi guys. I've been using a nautilus mini for about 18 months now and I've been very happy with it until recently.
For the past few weeks I've been having to change my Nautilus coil DAILY! That has become expensive and it's just unacceptable, to be honest. I've been vaping the same eliquid at least 90% of the time for the last year and I've not had these coils issues until recently. I've checked the authenticity and found that my coils Are authentic. Why would these coils be failing so quickly now?
I use the largest airflow option as I like a large, airy vape. As of late I've found that I lose 90% of my airflow within a few hours and my eliquid starts tasting bad in less than a day. This has me very concerned. I used to only have to change a coil once or twice per week.
I'll have to change tanks & coils if I can't remedy this issue soon. Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone have an answer or remedy?

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  • @jdingo Even though I do not have and have never vaped on an Aspire Nautilus tank and do not have a good answer for you, I wanted to respond and ask the forum membership at large to respond in any way that they would feel helpful to your problem. Anybody.......? :-??
  • All I can think of is a dirty base, or a bad batch of coils. Take the tank apart, remove the top and bottom seals, then boil everything but the seals in a solution of 25% vinegar / 75% water for ten minutes. let the parts cool, and rinse thoroughly under running water. Some of your liquid may have leaked into the base and dried out. New liquid may have dissolved enough of this to let you vape normally for a bit. That would explain the loss of airflow if the coils are good.
  • I may sound like a broken record, but are the coils authentic? I have heard this issue over and over with cloned coils, as they seem to have machine oil in them. @jdingo did you check the scratch code online?
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