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I'm loving the triton 1 tank with Pegasus! I've been using the 1.8 coil for mouth to vape and just switched to the .3 coil (reading .2). I don't know much about temperature control. Any info about how to tweak, best temp to vape at?
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  • red o-ring. My 1st post was incorrect. .15 is what the pegasus reads. The pegasus recognized it as temperature control coil. Do you know why the temp reads 0000 F, but it lets me set the temperature.
  • when in temperature mode,the display will display two temperature:the setting temperature,the actual temperature.
    The setting temperature is setted by users,the actual temperature is controlled by the chip inside the battery.
    The actual temperature will show zero while users don't press the fire button.
    For the 0.15ohm temperature coil,we suggested 460℉-520℉,but When install a new coil,we suggest customers :
    First,drop some drops of e-juice to the coil
    Second,install the coil,let the tank stand up for 3-5 minutes to let the coil soak up enough e-juice
    Third,when first using,Adjust the temperature to 200-300℉(use for half or one hours),then adjust the temperature bit by bit until you got your favorite flavor and vapor.

    best wish
  • Ahh... I see it now. Thank you! And thank you for the beginning temp setting. I'm loving temp mode! Whole different ballgame. And the auto recognition is pretty cool.
  • @spindle I'm glad we could get you set up and vaping!
  • I am running at 550 for awsome vape!
  • @Joel360 What viscosity juice do you run at 550? I can't get past 510 without burnt dry hits, just curious on whatcha vaping on cause it surely sounds great as I prefer a warmer vape.
  • 90/10 vg/pg and it is awesomeness!
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