Nautilus Rust — Is it low quality steel? Guarantee?


Two weeks ago I bought genuine Aspire Nautilus Mini and after first wash I've got rust on the top cap. I'm very disappointed with it. Is it possible to get replacement for top cap of the clearomizer? If it's made all from one type of Stainless Steel, is it possible that it will be all in rust after several washes?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hmmm that's weird I would make sure it's completely dry after washing.
  • @karrerin That is very strange like Joel360 advised. When it comes to cleaning your Tank and washing it periodically for sanitation purposes. I would only recommend using distilled water, if you're heating the distilled water: I wouldn't boil the Tank fully disassembled for more than 10 mins (of course with the o-rings removed when boiling), when the Tank is removed from the distilled water making sure you dry all parts of the Tank completely. I personally do all of the above. Then in addition place all parts in-front of a desktop fan overnight, while rotating the tank components a quarter turn every few hours. I wouldn't ever use tap water because of the different minerals/ water hardness can cause that mark/blemish in your picture. It looks like it was heated, but too hot in boiling water and thus caused that discoloration. The same mark occurred once, on my Atlantis 5ml tank extension, because of using boiling tap water but I was able to polish the mark out by hand.

    You can purchase parts directly through Aspire's Online Store:

    Best of Luck!! ;)
  • The drip tip appears heat treated. The stain on the knurled section of the upper hardware may come from iron in the water used to clean the tank, or it might be residue from your e-liquid. Try using an old toothbrush to remove it. Salt or a little toothpaste may help. Rinse, and dry the tank with a cloth or paper towel, and Q-tips.
  • We are sure that the material is stainless steel.But,which not means that the stainless steel will not rust.
    The stainless steel will also rust,but under normal condition,it is difficult for stainless steel to rust than nor normal steel.But,after sometime using,the stainless steel will also rust,because,the air will react with everything.Or the stainless steel stay in special conditions like stay in wet environment or meet with Strong Alkali or acid,it will also rust.

    For normal clean,customers can use the alcohol/warm water clean the device,but please don't let the device soak in the alcohol/warm water for long time(about 10-20 minutes is ok),then do deep clean with water.
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