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So, I've been an avid Aspire fan since I bought my first Atlantis tank at a local vape store. Since then, I've bought both the Atlantis V2 and the triton, and I love them both as well. I recently decided to scratch the codes on all of them, only to find out the first Atlantis tank I ever owned is a fake! I was furious! I rechecked the code to see if I entered it right, because my first tank couldn't be a fake, could it?

Upon further examination, I found several differences between the cases for the V2 and Triton (authentic tanks) when compared to the fake Atlantis tank care. First of all, the authentic cases are more rounded on the corners, and the fake's protruding out (I noticed this when the front of the other 2 cases would not fit that case) Secondly, the words on the back of the Fake case are a larger and much, much bolder print. And then we get to the print on the bottom of the back, right I've the security code. The symbols (not for pregnant women, but for people under 18, ect) on the fake case, they are an orange color and smaller, you can't even read the ROHS on the fake case. The security code is also much larger on the fake case. The holographic on the side of the authentic cases have aspire in a yellow-orangish print. The fake case is more of a yellow-green, with the arrows facing the opposite way. Slightly above the holographic.. On the real case it reads "Copyright © 2014 (or 2015 on the triton) Aspire. All Rights Reserved." Whereas the fake case says "Copyright © all rights reserved" no Aspire, and no year! And the CN patent # on the V2 is the same add the EU patent # on the fake.
Now, flip the box over.. On the Triton and the V2, the interior containing the tank is a lighter grey, and the fake's is black. Take out the interior, and on the authentic tank cases, the foam pad that houses an extra atomizer is grey, and the fake's is white, and doesn't quite fit, making the bottom edges pop out a bit.

The tank itself. Both my V2 and my triton have the word Aspire etched in with the same quality, consistency, and depth. On the fake however, it isn't as deeply etched in and doesn't look nearly as good. The last noticeable difference is that the O-ring in the fake atlantis is yellow, but then again, since I guess I have never seen an authentic Atlantis V1, I don't know if the O-ring is supposed to be yellow, or white like my V2.

So, after looking over all the differences, I went to the same vape shop... Well tried to. The owners sold it and the new owners are turning it into a restaurant. I feel so freaking screwed over now. FML.
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  • Well I am sorry to hear that unfortunately there are alot of clones out there and there is nothing to stop them. But the Info you have put on this forum will help so more people can be aware of clone aspire products. Thanks for the great post. Happy vaping!
  • @MajikZac Sorry to hear about the swindle! That is why I keep telling folks to scratch and check that code ASAP so that you don't get taken. however, the information that you have provided is excellent and as @joel360 said it will go a long way in helping others identify fake Aspire products. Thanks for the great post! :-bd
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    If you have a smartphone, check the code immediately, in full view of an employee, before you leave the store.

    With all the fakes on the market some customers are buying the real items from a B&M and later trying to return or exchange a cheap, cloned item bought elsewhere. B&M's are aware of this, and some are now providing 'net access to verify the authenticity of your purchase. They are refusing to refund or exchange fake merchandise unless it's detected before you leave their store.
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