Aspire Oddyessy kit

So I've been vaping this product for a month and it was purchased from a local vape shop in my area for $99.99 plus tax.
I will start with the pegasus mod itself.
It is said that this "REGULATED" mod is both power and temp control optioned. Press the fire control button for 3-5 seconds and the mod will automatically switch between power and temp control. In wattage mode it can run from 1-70 watts in 1 watt increments ONLY. Now in temp control from 200-600 watts respectfully.
For wattage mode it can read down to a .2ohm resistance and up to a 5.0 ohm coil. Now the coils I personally tested were the triton .4 ohm coils from aspire. The coils themselves take about a tank and a half to two tanks to break in before I started getting any form of flavor worth mentioning, but once broke in were an extremely nice vape with warm and dense clouds and above par flavor. That being said it was only on a fully charged battery I was able to achieve this. Yet it is a "REGULATED" mod. I tested them with Samsung, LG, and authentic Sony VTC4 batteries and have not had the option to test aspire brand battery which is recommended as I can't source them locally at this time. Anytime the actual battery indicator hits the 80% icon just swap out the batteries to keep on vaping.
Now running the pegasus on temp control with a .15 ni200 coil head the flavor really hits you strong until the battery life hits the 50% icon. Same thing, just swap out the battery and vape on. One thing I do feel is worth mentioning is the fact that everytime you swap the battery in temp mode you need to get the resistance to read at a .15 to lock in. If you were chain vaping and its coil head is hot or overnight its cold, then the reading will either be higher or lower and not even close to optimal vape quality either way until you get it to read the ni200 coil head at .15. I'm not 100% on weather this is a result of the coil head or mod but I feel that it must be mentioned.
I chose the brushed bronze finish and must admit that I like the clear coat finish over the brushed finish and find it to be durable however slick, can't have everything in one I guess. Now the 510 connection is a spring loaded 510 and I have found everything to sit flush on mine. However with flush fitted devices comes the scratching into the top of the mod pretty deep, but with a device ontop you wouldn't know its scratched. The base on my personal pegasus did not line up with the body and is cockeyed on there and just simply looks akward if your checking it out up close and personal and I'm unsure if that's a result of the battery cover not completely closing all way but again I feel it must be mentioned. The vent holes in the battery cover are good sized and keep my mind at ease as far as venting goes. The fire button is crisp and not any sign of a rattle and the power control knob has the perfect amount of resistance IMO! Another con I found just last night while watching Halloween horror films in the dark is the screen does not have a stealth mode which has never bothered me on any mod until last night.

Now onto the tank!!!!
I love the overall design of the tank including the top fill part, however I wish the fill ports were larger as trying to get thicker juice in can become troublesome. I also have fear of the glass dropper portion snapping and breaking inside the fill area if stuck. I like the fact that unlike the atlantis I can use any standard drip tip in the triton. Now the top airflow control is a different story, to me any top airflow just kills the flavor and to top it off everytime I go to fill there is a huge amount of juice between the drip tip and the airflow control but not in the base where you fill it. One smart thing aspire did with the top fill was the way its designed assuming the top airflow is closed, if you forget to turn it back to vape mode from fill mode and pop the top airflow/drip tip on its designed not to dump all your juice out and at some point your going to forget, its just gonna happen, but I'm happy not losing any juice when I forget so smart move aspire!! Now unlike the nautilus, the glass seems to be positioned better so a drop won't shatter it like the nautilus, downside to this is you CANNOT TAKE THE TANK ENTIRELY APART!!!! if that's an issue then I urge you to look elsewhere rather then purchase the tank and then complain about it not coming apart!!! Now then, I prefer ni200 .15 coil heads at 480-520* depending on the viscosity of the juice I'm vaping and can't be any happier with the air closed 1/3 of the way off at the base and completely closed at the top. Do not rest on its side or you guessed it, she leaks!!!

Now once you realize all the pros and cons of both the tank and mod you can either push past, live with, and work through them or just simply look elsewhere for something else! Now IMO if your just looking to get into an all in one subtank kit then even with the negatives of these devices combined, I still keep going back to this setup based on flavor and vapor production and comfort of in my hand during the day and have a hard time putting it down. I wish some changes were made but it doesn't matter what it is in all honesty cause there's going to be negatives with anything you get.
On a side note I checked the security feature and through aspires website it claims its authentic but how many times has the same number number been checked, the quality control on the mod assembly is just poor. I still recommend this kit over others however.
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