ATTENTION Tina and/or ANY customer service rep

I made a post on October 14th with serious questions about the new Pegasus mod, and a couple about the Triton 2. I just logged on this morning and saw that DigitalDNA had to resort to a forum post instead of an email to get any attenion, which is why I had originally decided to just start on the forum, and also because I knew a lot of people might want to hear the answers also.

So, please, would someone kindly take a few moments and read my post and give us some replies.

*** The post. Dearest Tina, Re: The New Pegasus mod ***

Peace and Happiness
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  • I honestly don't think there will be any kind of exchange program. Aspire would lose too much money trying to keep up with something like that. Personally, I am happy they listened to feedback from all of us, and made updates to their products. I can also see why some people might prefer the Triton v1, and it looks like that product will be available for a while.

    Also, reps like Tina have to be careful what they announce in forums, and she might be waiting for some clarification from her superiors on this matter. I don't really see how multiple threads on the same topic will solve anything.

    @Tina can you respond if you are able? At least let @Munroebagger know that you saw the comment and are doing what you can? :)>- Thank you!
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