I have sent around 3 different emails for 3 different issues, with no reply!

How are you going to sale more of your products and "build the trust" with your customers if you don't even bother to reply to their emails ?!

Even worse, your support contact form does not accept submitting the form unless a security code is provided. What if someone needs to know more about a specific product ?

I'm very dissatisfied with your service!
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  • Dear friend ,
    Really sorry for the inconvenience!
    We checked ,no emails .What can I do for you ?
    Pls contact here /
    Have a nice day !
    Best Regards !
  • Dear All,
    Recently we received some these kind of complaint"I sent many emails to your service department ,but no reply"
    After checking with our service department,they didn't receive any emails.
    Result shows that the customers sent the emails to the non official email address.
    Now here,we stated that our official email addresses are
    If you are a customer from our online store:
    If you are a customer from our wholesale
    We don't use other email address like gmail or yahoo...
    please make sure you sent the email to the official email address,otherwise,you will not get a reply
    Best Wish
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    @digitalDNA First ,please make sure,aspire official website link is
    not ""
    What's more,after checking with our authorized distributor in UK,this website is a copycat.
    Here is the email from our authorized distributor in UK for your reference:

    Our authorized distributor in UK is

    We will talk with our authorized distributor in UK to deal with this copycat company.

    Best Wish
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  • @digitalDNA Thank you for your kind information.
    Because of you,that we find the copycat website.
  • @digitalDNA
    It is my pleasure ,have a nice day !
  • @Tina Then why do show a Gmail email ?

    On their contact us page (""), you can see this email:

    That said, it's not the customer's fault if the information on the website is misleading or not up to date.
  • @Tina Thanks for the info.
    I just received the same kind of info from support (Fenny).

    So finally, it's great we identified another copycat and I'm glad I didn't make any purchase from them yet.
  • @Tina Can you please add to the "Aspire Copycat list" ( to let people aware of this so they avoid. them.

    Best Regards,
  • @Tina I did nothing, you and Fenny investigated the issue.
    I just was seeking original excellent quality ecigarettes and I was sure Aspire products are among the best one can find.

    At the beginning of this discussion (this thread) I was a little bit tough, I apologize for that.

    But I was amazed by the excellent and top support responsiveness and caring of your support team :)

    Thumbs up guys!
  • Forgot to mention @Demi too, many thanks indeed :)
  • @digitalDNA sounds like they took good care of you. Good job aspire! =D>
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