Pegasus turns off while pressing Fire


I got a problem with my new Pegasus, when I press Fire button it turns off or sometime the Aspire logo appear.
If I remove the atomizer the "Check Atomizer" appear correctly, if I plug my atomizer to a battery it work correctly ...

Someone can help me please ?

Best regards,
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  • Sounds like maybe a bad chip? Did you try to return the mod to where you purchased it?
  • Thank you Watkijw for your answer; I will go this weekend to the seller...
    but perhaps this come from my atomizer... ? Have you ever met a similar problem ?
  • @alexmjp if you had a problem with the atty, you could expect the "Check Atomizer" error message. I have gotten that a few times when my RTA shorted out. If your mod is turning off spontaneously there is either a short in the wiring or a bad chip, assuming your battery is fully charged and suitable for your mod. Can I ask what battery you are using?
  • I use Efest 2250 mah (2.7v Li-mn) battery.
    I have try many atomizer yesterday same problem, I have see in the documentation : "11. Pressing the fire button 3 time within 1.5 seconds will cause the screen to shut off" ...Perhaps there are a bad contact with the fire button ? But in that case why the Aspire logo appear sometime ?
  • @alexmjp I agree with watkijw seems like a bad chip hopefully you can get it exchanged for a new one best of luck.
  • @alexmjp I just wanted to inquire and make sure you were using a High Discharge Battery of at least 20Amp or more. Also that your using an ICR 3.7V 18650 Battery. I figured it was probably a typo above, but the battery you listed as using was an, "Efest 2250mAh 2.7V Battery". I personally don't own any Efest batteries (since they are rewrapped batteries), but I figured you meant 3.7 Volt Battery. But it sounds like you don't have a ICR 3.7V Battery that is High Discharge Battery of at least 20Amps or more. If that's the case, getting a proper battery should resolve the problem. I did a Google search on the specs for your Efest Battery, and if it's a Black/Red Efest Hybrid Battery with Red/Silver Printing it only has a Peak/Max of 10Amp Discharge. If this is the case, it's not the Mod but your Battery is the problem. I would recommend trying a new 18650 Battery, and don't think your chip-set is bad from what I've read. Purchase a well named Battery: LG, either of the Aspire Battery, and Samsung. Those are all good batteries, but make sure it's at least rated for 20Amps or more of Continuous Discharge. If you need help finding a good battery, seasoned people on the Forum can point you in the right direction. I'm using the new Aspire 2500mAh Battery in my Pegasus and it's wonderful. In my duel 18650 Mods: I'm loving the LG Brown HG2's 3000mAh Battery (use it in my IPV3-LI & have 2 sets) and also using the LG Yellow HE4's 2500mAh Battery.

    Also the instructions that your referencing: "11) Pressing the fire botton 3x in 1.5sec will turn the screen off". This wouldn't be for your current model Pegasus, those User Manual Instructions would be for Upgraded Pegasus, that they haven't released yet (Aspire will start shipping the Upgraded Pegasus at the end of October).

    It sounds like if you get the correct Amp Discharge Battery, it should resolve the problem you're having. Best of luck and let us know how it goes. Any more questions just ask.. ;)
  • Thanks to all for those answers ;-)
    I was not able to go to the store this weekend. I will go next one...
    @Southy321 , I have the red Efest 2250mAh IMR18650 3.7V Li-Mn Battery, but I also have try with an Samsung ICR18650-26F battery but same problem. I have also try to plug my Atlantis, and the Nautilus of a friend without any success...
  • The red Efest 2250 (10 A) or the Samsung 26F (5.2 A) are certainly NOT the right ones to use with the Pegasus.
    If you want to stay within the same brands, try the Efest purple 2500 (and only that one) or the Samsung 25R 2500.
    Both are 20 A.
    The Aspire batteries are also good :)
  • I had a friend that had a similar issue, and it turned out to be that they were using a really low Amp 18650 battery.
    @alexmjp I don't think it's the Mod or the Tanks your using, that's causing the problem. When you fire the Pegasus for the first time, either with a new/changing tank or switching batteries, it's going to complete a 30Watt (7V+) Pulse for 3-4 secs to determine VW/TC Mode. If you have a low Amp Battery, under 20A it's never allowing the Mod to complete the Pulse Sequence. This Pulse time can become even longer, on a 20A battery, as the charge decreases.
    @Cegoca Direct and to the point. That's what I was getting at eventually.. lol
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