Aspire CF VV+ battery

I purchased an aspire premium kit from Amazon UK on Aug 30, 2015 and I have been facing issues with charging the Aspire CF VV+ battery. When i connect it to the supplied charger it goes green in 5 mins and then lasts only 8-10 puffs on 4.3V.
Can anyone help me with returns / exchange of the product. I did check using the security code and the purchased product is original.
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  • @mithunmi You must first attempt to return it to the retailer that you purchased it from. The retailer is responsible for returns/exchanges of products. As Aspire does not sell product on Amazon, you must get with the retailer first. See the Picture below Re: the security code, when you checked, it should look like this and say "congratulations", if not your product is fake/clone.
    scratch code.JPG
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