Liquid leaking threw airflow holes

I am using the Aspire Atlantis 2 w/0.3 coil, also have the 0.5 coil

I filled it up correctly, not all the way up just half way, then after using it for about 3-4 minutes I realize I have e-liquid on my hand and it seems to be slowly seeping threw the airflow holes.

Wondering how I deal with it?

60PG 40VG liquid
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  • Make sure the coil has an o-ring on it, and that it is tightly screwed into the base. The glass has a double seal from the same ring. One is against the side of the glass, the other against the bottom. This assumes you are using genuine Aspire coils. The clones are worthless.

  • I agree with oldsalt on that make sure the coil is tight and that they are not aftermarket or fake.
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    I have problems with the Triton tank leaking from the airflow opening. I've tried all tips, nothing helps. I'm disappointed in this tank. I was using the Atlantis tank and although it was a pain to fill it was always good and never leaked. It seems to me Aspire tried to add too many gimmicks to the Triton. I miss a bottom airflow "valve" that doesn't "click" in place.

    I've gone back to using my Ni200 coils in my Atlantis. I purchased 2 Triton tanks and feel like I wasted my money on them.
  • @tjernagel I too feel that the bottom AFC should have the "Click" index but the majority of the consumers wanted it without the indexing. I seem to be one of the people who has a Triton V1 that doesn't leak, so I can't complain about that. The Triton V2 has the same non-indexed AFC but not the top AFC as the original which is where a majority of the leak problems came from. Maybe the top fill isn't quite set at the vape marker? As @Old_Salt says, check the o-rings (look on the Aspire site as it shows where they are on the coil) and make sure that the coil is tightly installed as well as the glass being seated properly at the base of the tank. I have found that the glass can be seated wrong and cause leakage on my Triton V1. I reseated it and no problem. The Triton .4ohm SS coils spit too much for me so I have been using the .5ohm coils without a problem. I do not care for the TC feature on my new Pegasus V2. Not enough vapor and too much heat on the .15ohm NI200 coils (see my video review) but I love the new Clapton .5ohm coils. I ordered a 5 pack from the Aspire online store and can't wait to try one in my Atlantis V1.
    I hope that you can get the leakage problem resolved!
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