Are these Atomizers fake?

I bought a 5pack of Atomizers for my Nautilus Mini from eBay for $11.99, the guy had 99.9% positive feedback so i thought he's legit, the atomizers arrived today and they just look different from my original atomizers, for one the juice openings on the sides are huge. There was a scratch code on the back, I scratched it and i checked it, the website said that this code has been checked 1988 times! the code is 65399 68609 32924 24552. Do you think these are fake? Here are a couple pics I took, I can take more if you need anything specific?
3264 x 2448 - 2M
3264 x 2448 - 1M
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    @giaourov Without even looking at the pictures you posted. They are fake based off of the Aspire Scratch Code because for any authentic Aspire Products you receive: the Code shouldn't have been checked by anyone else and thus meaning when you enter the code, under the scratch off, on the website you should be the only one who has checked it (meaning it has only been checked once and that would be by yourself). So yes they are fake based off the scratch off code authenticity check on Aspire Website. Because no one should have checked a scratch off code before you. Best of luck and I would never purchase vaping anything off of eBay. The best place is to purchase directly through Aspire at there website:
  • @giaourov I no longer own my Nautilus Tanks, since I donated them to a family member who was trying to stop smoking. So I don't have any Nautilus Coils in front of me to compare to your pictures. Someone else might be able to chime in here from me on the picture of the Nautilus Coil you posted.

    But in regards to the product being authentic would be no. Unfortunately, you were sold a fake product based off your check of the code. Also hopefully the sellers name can be added to are Copycat List on the Forum. But almost everyone here one the Forum, will tell you to stay away from eBay when purchasing Vaping Products. I would send an email to the seller and advice of the Scratch Off Code being check xxxx number of times, which would advise the product you were sold is fack, and see what recourse you can go from there. Again sorry for the bad news but best of luck getting it resolved. :D
  • I agree with southy on that definitely fake.
  • something seems odd about that code check number though - I just checked it out of curiosity and it says its been checked 1940 times - how can a code have been checked less times now than when it was checked earlier?
    A copy and paste of the check is:
    The security code (65399686093292424552) you searched has been used.

    This security code has been checked 1940 times on Aspire website, and be ware of imitations.

    I'd definitely take it up with the seller and potentially leave negative feedback for others if they don't rectify it, but maybe someone from Aspire can comment on the code check count appearing to be going backwards?

  • The seller (or someone else) obviously messed with the white label on the box.
    You can see a second label was put upon the first and you can read just above the security code :
    "Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer" ... nothing to do with a Nautilus ...
  • All of the Aspire Security Code Scratch Off Labels have a blank white box, until Aspire places different UPC Bar Codes for that specific product being packaged. Which then covers the blank white box, with the UPC # and name of the product in the package. I looked at a few of my authentic Aspire Product Boxes, and it has two parts: 1st) the Aspire Authenticity Scratch Off Label & 2nd) the applied UPC # with the product name.

    @Cegoca That was a good catch on the wrong UPC Label on the OP's pictures. I actually didn't see that until you said something. But the UPC Labels and the Aspire Security Scratch Off Code Labels are always two separate labels. But like you said the UPC Label has nothing to do with the Nautilus Coil Box. It seems like they got the wrong product and it was fake on top of that!!
  • I bought two packs of nautilus replacement atomizers from a local store in my area. Both have the same security code 65399686093292424552. I 've been buying these coils from them since they opened over 6 months ago. Never had a problem until recently a few months back their coils started to have a horrible taste when you first use them. So finally I checked the code today and I'm not only one having a problem with this code. I called them up to let them know, the guy just said they have a bad taste. Not true anywhere else I've bought they never had that taste. Not only that every other coil is trashed because it automatically burns itself out
  • E=Bay takes a dim view of folks selling fakes/clones. If the seller refuses to refund your money let E-Bay know, they'll sort it out quickly.
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