Replacement O-Rings for Aspire Triton

Hi All,

Does anyone know where I can get replacement O-Rings for my Aspire Triton?
I am looking for the Black versions that are shown in the attached pictures as I have a 7 Triton Tanks with 4 of them using the flimsy very thin clear O-ring.

Thanks in advance
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  • I have covered this in another older post, but my original Triton didn't come any O ring there at all, @Southy321 this was from the shopping spree promotion.

    My second Triton came with the smaller clear O ring fitted - the one on the right in the original poster's picture.

    My additional O rings were missed from my Pegasus order as well - however they were sent out separately after that.

  • My concern is my Triton Tank didn't come with either: the black or the clear O-Ring that you are referencing in your picture above. They were supposed to send this Black O-Ring with my Pegasus Shopping Spree Order and never received the missing O-Ring as promised. But on the other hand, my Triton Tank was completely missing any O-Ring in that area. I remember a few others, on the forum, that received the first batch of Triton Tanks and we're supposed to receive the missing O-Ring with the Pegasus purchase also but didn't receive the part either. So I gave up on trying to acquire the missing O-Ring.

    @trickie69r The only place that I've seen them is by purchasing an Aspire Triton Accessories: "Aspire Airflow for Triton drip tip 02". But it's not just the O-Ring but the airflow heatsink part, which will include the required O-Rings on the part. You can purchase the part through Aspire, at the following link:
  • Very unfortunate - can anybody advise why Aspires customers should have to purchase a replacement assembly JUST to get a special O-ring that Aspire left off numerous devices when they left the factory.

    Were they hoping no-one would notice?
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    @woodbar I agree with you fully on that note.

    I am missing it completely and they have yet to rectify the problem by sending me the missing O-Ring they promised. I was hoping @Tina, would have come across this an address a resolution. There is also another Forum Thread, that has a few other members that didn't receive the O-Ring at all. It mostly occurred on the Triton Tanks that were purchased from the Triton Shopping Spree Promotion. I was supposed to receive the O-Ring with my Pegasus Order as promised, which like I went into detail above and didn't receive it with my Pegasus Order. I'm looking back through the Forum, because I believe @woodbar & @pia also didn't receive the missing O-Ring (I could be wrong about the other Forum User but that's what I can remember off the top of my head, since I can't find the Forum Tread at the moment). I hope Aspire sends the users who didn't receive the O-Ring at all finally to use.. We will see, I'm hoping they will come through but they didn't send it with my Pegasus Order or a few other members Pegasus Order's either..
  • @Viruk Thanks for the response, b/c I new I was missing a Forum Member and it was you. I just couldn't find the thread that we were originally discussing the problem. I remember you advised that you didn't receive the missing O-Ring with your Pegasus Shopping Spree Promotion Order like they promised. Aspire Support also advise that they would send my missing Black O-Ring with my Pegasus Order, and the same thing happened. Like in your case didn't receive it with my Pegasus Order. I've been taking care of a sick family member that was hospitalized in another state for the last 3-4 weeks. So now that they are doing better, I got a flight back home a week ago. So I wasn't sure if you ever received the O-Ring (that's great to hear that they finally sent the missing O-Ring to you)!! Does it seem like it's making a difference on your Triton Tank? I'll have to see if @Tina can look into whatever happened to the missing O-Ring that Aspire was supposed to ship with my last order because I was being to feel like I was SOL. I'm at the point, that I will never receive the original shorted O-Ring. I'll see what they say when they get back in the office on Monday.. X_X X_X
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    @Southy321 The O ring in question makes no difference at all to the leaking through the bottom air flow - which is pretty much what you'd expect as liquid doesn't pass through that part of the tank. There is a possibility that the O ring there creates an additional seal to help with the pressure, and by extension reduce or prevent leaking - but I'm making assumptions at this point.

    There was no clear O ring in the replacement pack they sent me, it looks like a fairly generic pack of O rings - but its always handy to have some of those around.

    The leaking seems to have stopped being an issue for me; I now really screw in the coil and the base into the tank really tight and that seems to have helped a lot. I don't think I was under-tightening before, its just that now I really crank it together (it almost feels like over-tightening it) and the leaking hasn't been an issue since. I keep two Tritons juiced up all the time and haven't had an issue with either for a while. Whether the ambient temperature dropping now we're into autumn has changed the viscosity of the liquid enough to impact this is an unknown, but is certainly still a possibility.

    Have you still been suffering with any leaks? Or did you just want to make sure you had all the O rings in place to be certain?
    I hope you find a solution to any remaining problems regardless :)
  • My Triton clone had the special o-rings gasket missing from the heatsink too but my original Triton tank had that special o-ring gasket on the heating so idk is it just the clones having this problem bit it seems to be all Triton tanks...... That has me wondering if the original and the clones are coming from the same factory.
  • @ErockFM both of my Triton's came direct from the aspire store and both had valid codes when checked on the website, so I'm confident that the variation in O rings in my case isn't down to cloning...
  • The clear o ring can be replaced with a clear braid rubber band that can be bought in bulk at Walmart for about a dollar. Pack comes with various sizes and smallest works perfectly.
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