The User Manual for the updated Pegasus mod

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here is the user manual for the updated Pegasus Temperature Control mod:
here is the link for you to download it:
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  • @Tina It looks good....easy to follow! :-bd
  • I downloaded the updated user manual for the revised version of the Pegasus. I'm really liking what they implemented with the Updated Pegasus Mod. Truthfully, this is how the Pegasus Mod interface should have been originally developed by Aspire's Engineer Team. Especially, when Aspire decided to add the Temperature Control features to the Pegasus Mod.

    @Tina The only thing that is missing on the new revised version of the Updated Pegasus Mod, is the ability for it to be firmware upgradable? Thus not allowing future revisions or updates to be provided from Aspire. Also if any problems arise, they can't be addressed regarding the chip-set or interface. I was hoping that Aspire's Engineer Team would have took this into consideration on the Updated Pegasus. They took the time to update the interface on the new revised Chip-Set but didn't make the New Upgraded Pegasus firmware upgradable for future updates. (Example: If Aspire's Engineer Team wanted to release an update to add a new wire for Temperature Control on Stainless Steel Coils. The Updated Pegasus Mod wouldn't become outdated, if it was firmware upgradable.)

    Great Job Aspire, on the new interface revision to the Updated Pegasus Mod!! The only concern is mentioned above about the firmware but besides that I'm liking the concept on the Updated Manual Pegasus.. ;) :-bd
  • @Southy321 Thank you for your kind suggestion.
    The function of the updated Pegasus is the same as the original one,we listen to customers suggestion,we just change the operation interface,
    Before,the Pegasus can confirm the material of the coil automaticly and change from TC mode to Wattage mode,Now users change the using mode by themselves according to the material of the coil.
    At present,we can not achieve the update through App,the original Pegasus can not be updated.But in future,we will try our best to achieve this kind suggestion in our new product,hope in future,users can update the battery through App,users can download the software and update it through computer.

    Best wish
  • @Tina Thanks for the response and replying so quickly to address my question. I also really appreciate you taking the time, and forwarding my suggestion to the correct Department Team within Aspire. I wasn't sure if the Upgraded Pegasus Mod had a New Aspire Chip-Set altogether or if they just made a few tweaks/revisions to the Original Chip-Set that was in the first batch releases of the Pegasus Mods that we currently own. So in other words, they are currently using the original Aspire Chip-Sets from the first batch of the Pegasus Mods in reference to the hardware. So I assume, that they are just flashing the original Chip-Set Boards in reference to updating it with the new operating interface on the Upgraded Pegasus?

    It would be great that your next Mod could be firmware upgradable on the user end. Thanks like always & Vape On.. :)]
  • @Tina is there anywhere to download the original manual for the people that don't have the updated hardware? Since Aspire isn't as of yet providing a way for us to update the mod.
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