(Updated)Aspire Odyssey kit

Included in the Odyssey kit are the Triton 2, the Pegasus Manual edition, and an Aspire micro USB cable. The Triton 2, a tank that has AND does it all as well as being leakless and easy to clean. The Triton 2 comes with a 0.5 ohm Clapton coil installed for direct to lung vaping. Also included are a 1.8 ohms coil for mouth to lung vaping,a 0.15ohm coil for temperature control. The Pegasus Manual edition is a variable wattage and temperature control device with an ergonomic feel and a sleek stylish look. Delivering from 1 to 70 watts in REG mode through a floating 510 connection with swappable battery versatility. The Pegasus also fire coils from 0.1ohm to 3.0ohms in REG mode and in BYPASS mode it can fire coils from 0.2ohm to 3.0ohms. All this comes together to bring you a truly functional personal vaporizer. The Odyssey kit contains everything you need to enjoy your favorite e-juice anywhere, anytime.
•The Triton2 tank (0.5 ohm Clapton coil pre-installed)
• The Pegasus Manual edition mod
• An extra 0.15ohm Ni200 coil for temperature control
• An extra 1.8ohms coil for mouth to lung vaping
• An Aspire micro usb cable
• An user manual

More detailed information about aspire Odyssey kit,please click here:aspirecig.com/aspire-kit/aspire-kit221.html

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  • Are we going to see a sale soon? :D
  • I'm hoping for a sale or promotion of some sorts. Things are currently tight money wise for myself.
  • Really liking all the updates to the Odyssey Kit. It now really contains everything one needs, to make the jump to a TC Mod or upgrading to a more advanced setup, while keeping everything user friendly. All you need is a battery and some E-Liquid. Awesome news Aspire!! :D
  • Awesome job Aspire looks good!
  • This makes a good Holiday Gift :)
  • Looks like a great all in one kitt. Nice and clean setup but not only for beginners. The clapton coils a nice update. I have a Triton , so i cant buy this kit as my financial manager (girlfriend) would kill me. Maybe in the future i can buy one and post a review.
  • I just bought the kit without the upgrades. Will you be offering a firmware update to use bypass and Ti mode? Otherwise, it would be a bit disappointing to have just purchased this mod without the ability to use those features. Otherwise, I'm very happy with your product!
  • She stated in the triton 2 thread that the firmware was not upgradeable, which is extremely lame, but it is what it is.
  • hello vapers. I think I want to get my hands on odyssey kit...coz previously I'm using a friend's triton tank in my own mod which is awesome. The thing is, if I bought the whole set...can I just refil the juice and vape it straight out from the box? Do I have to set something like coiling or put the cotton again inside the atomizer or its already a built-in? What about that temperature control thingy? Do I need to plug in the tc or what? Curious much.
  • @gold blooded You will need to add a good quality 18650 battery such as Aspire's 40A,1800mAh if you vape at high power levels. At 40W or less the 20A, 2500mAh would be a better choice. Other than that you'll be ready to fill the tank and start vaping with it.
  • @old salt wow, you have owned odyssey kit already? How about the first time you're unboxing the triton? Do you install the coils&cotton again before you vape? Ah, luckily I've got batteries from 2000mAh to 6000mAH :)
  • @gold blooded No, I don't own an Odyssey kit. The Pegasus didn't meet my needs. I do have four Tritons. Two were directly from Aspire, and I got two locally from folks that claimed they leaked. One had a loose coil, in the other the chimney was not fully seated. All are leak free now.

    You only install the coil before the first time you use it. You leave it in the tank until it's used up (no taste, or a burnt taste.)

    Be careful which battery you use. The 6000 mAh will not work as the current draw of the Pegasus is too high. At full power you will need about 22A. For your own safety, use a name brand, no less than a Samsung 25R, or the Aspire 40A,1800mAh at more than 40W.
  • I got the original Odyssey Kit over two weeks ago (10/5/2015). It comes with the 0.4 ohm coil (sub ohm) installed. I took it apart and rinsed it out--as you should with any new tank. When I put it back together, I made sure the coil was good and snug, and then attached the bottom part to the tank. Filled it up and have been using it ever since without issue.

    I had a leak once the first week due to me not cleaning it up properly after filling. I have found that if you tighten everything, clean out excess liquid and/or condensation from the drip tip and top AFC, leaking is rare or minimal. When I fill it, I close all air flow controls and detach/attach the drip tip and top AFC only in vape mode. I only change it to fill mode when I fill it. May seem obvious, but due to the air pressure in the tank, if you put the top pieces on before putting it into vape mode, it will leak out the bottom. I also found that after filling it, putting it in vape mode and putting the top pieces back on, air is pushed into the tank even though its in vape mode. I assume this is "pressurizing" the tank and that not doing it this way is the source of most leaks (aside from improperly fitted or missing o-rings).

    So far, I love it. I haven't tried TC mode yet or the 1.8 coil, but I will. So far, the 0.4 ohm coil is holding up like a champ--2.5 weeks and counting. For reference, I typically vape a 60PG/40VG mix or 50/50 at anywhere between 25-35 watts (sometimes up to 40 watts, but that's it). I am using the Aspire 20A 2500 mAh battery and it lasts most of the day.
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