New product--aspire Triton2 tank

Aspire proudly presents our all new Triton 2 tank system. This tank brings you adjustable airflow control that will allow the user to really dial in on their desired airflow setting. The Triton 2 can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. With the variety of coils available for the Triton 2 tank system you will surely be able to enjoy any style of vaping you like. So no matter if you want to mouth to lung or go straight to lung the Triton 2’s airflow control and coil selection has you covered. Combine this with a convenient top fill method and you have a truly variable tank system.

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What's more,customers can buy the new clapton coil

Note:the Triton RTA is not compatible with the Triton2 tank.
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  • Since your local B&M sold you an item inappropriate for your stated needs(the Triton RTA,) your beef regarding this issue is with them, not Aspire.

    If you buy an item such as a TV, snowblower, shaver or pen from a retailer such as Walmart and have a problem with it, you fall under their return/refund/exchange policies, not those of the manufacturer. Aspire has authorized retailers to handle warranty issues, similar to the method used by car, TV, and other equipment manufacturers, The retailer is your point of contact for all warranty issues so that you get the fastest response possible. As a consumer, it's your responsibility to learn the exchange or refund policies of the retailer you choose. It sounds like your problem is with the retailer not meeting your expectations. You need to find one that will do what you want them to.

    The folks on this board, including those from Aspire will guide you through a few methods that have proven to stop some of the leaks encountered with the Triton. If the leaks persist, you must deal with your retailer for exchange or refund.

  • Dear All,
    Thank you for your kind praise.
    We at aspire listen to customers suggestion,now the new triton 2 can be disassemble very easily for cleaning.
    What's more,we add a new coil (Clapton coil) to this tank,the clapton coil is also compatible with triton,Atlantis,Atlantis 2,Atlantis Mega.
    The new triton 2 tank is not available until the end of this month.

    Best Wish
  • @nicks If you bothered to ask here at the Aspire forum before you bought the Triton RTA system...we would have told you that it is not compatible. The Triton RTA is not compatible with the Atlantis. Your retailer told you a lie and it's not the fault of Aspire. Your problem is with the person who told you that incorrect information. That is why it is called the Triton RTA System, not the Triton and Atlantis RTA system. You said " The store I purchased my RTA kit from told me that it *would* work in the Atlantis though, and they said "Aspire told us all Triton coils and Atlantis coils are interchangeable" The RTA is not a coil, but a rebuildable coil kit. You should have returned the product to the place of purchase for a refund if you were not happy with the product. Back to the retailer is the first place you should have gone. Retailers deal with their distributors who deal with Aspire. If you got it from the Aspire website you would deal directly with one of the Aspire after sales support centers.
  • Tank is here. Very nice. No machining oil on it, came in good shape, Clapton coil installed, 1.8Ohm coil and spare glass tank. Gotta clean it up and vape on it some, but first impression is good. They stiffened up the bottom airflow a bit (might loosen up after time though) which is nice. Unscrewing the top cap is easy and I spent five minutes opening/closing the fill holes, because it looks so cool the way they open and close. You'll see what I mean when. :) First impressions are that it's built very well. Now to test out that clapton coil. Never used one before, though I do have a spool of 26/32 that I bought last week. :)
  • I had a Triton ! and after so many problems, and a lack of customer service, I will NOT be purchasing ant new product from these guys. My Triton leaked so bad
    and not 1 person was willing to help unless I paid $10.00 each way for shipping and $10 to fix it. What has happened to customer service.
  • @milmil0428 I asked about my order yesterday and was told it would ship next week.
  • Just got notification that my Triton V2 has shipped. Just an FYI for people that were curious.
  • @smw6181 , no shipping info on mine yet, but great to know your's is on its way!!!! :D
  • Got info this morning mine is shipped as well cant wait :)
  • Funny you should mention that. With it on its side and about half full it leaked out from the top as well. Normally no I wouldn't leave it upside down for two hours. So I tested again while I built a coil. Took it about 15 minutes to start leaking from the top, which is about how long it takes me to coil and wick up (I know, but I'm still slow at it. ;) ). So yeah. Unless I have some kind of dud tank (anxious to see what other people get, honestly) this thing absolutely still leaks.
  • @milmil0428 Nope, I didn't order the clapton coils, but it comes with one, which I used.
  • @MajikZac , got my shipping information today!!! Can't wait to see her!!! :D
  • @smw6181 Sir we definitely appreciate the feedback, make no mistakes about that. Also please understand our perspective. I can relate to how you feel. I feel the same way every time I have to deal with any kind of technical support. However we merely want to eliminate all possibilities to be able to ensure that we are all on the same page. Our aim is never to belittle, demean, or make light of the consumer. I hope you can understand. We definitely appreciate your feedback and want to work with consumers like you to provide the best product possible.
  • Now that sleek cant wait to get my hands on one of these great job aspire
  • Awesome job....can't wait to try the Clapton Coils! :-bd
  • Very nice updates to functionality. I am really impressed about the Clapton coils! I can't wait to try them!
  • Aspire took a really great concept from the original Triton Tank. Thus listening to customer feedback, issues of concerns, problems that occurred, and features that were desired in a revision. Then improved on it by making the Triton 2 Tank. It seems like you addressed everything on the list and then some. What an amazing Tank Aspire and can't wait to try out this new tank. I'm also really liking the idea of the new Clapton Coils. :D :-bd
  • The new Triton 2 looks great with all the suggestions taken into consideration. I like the Clapton coils too. Can't wait to try this tank :) Great job Aspire.
  • The Triton V2 looks really good.
  • Great job Aspire definitely going to get one of those! Very classy. :-bd
  • Already purchased one. Not typically an early adopter, but since I'm one of those who never had any issues with my Triton V1 I'm hoping my luck holds out. :)
  • Amazing :) this is definitely gonna win a lot of votes , n#1 is it can be cleaned . I have my Triton for 2 months I never did clean it , but it a nice option for buyers .

    Thanks for the Updated version of the Pegasus as well .
  • Figures. 6 days after I buy one they announce this... >.< And yes, it spits and sputters and is NOT as nice as my former (multiple) Nautilus units, Nautilus Mini, and an Atlantis 2 that I had most recently. Argh.
  • I ordered the Clapton coils along with my Triton 2, this should be interesting. I think this will be better than Nickel!! :D
  • @milmil0428 hey can you let me know how the clapClapton coils work for you that would be great.
  • To those that have problems with the Triton V1 leaking, Mine has been sitting around for about 2 weeks with no use and no leak. Been using other stuff but still use it.
  • @Joel360 , I will be happy to report my results. I will need to look at the announcement again to find out when I can expect them.
  • Hopefully this one won't leak, like the Triton V1 -- 40 dollars down the drain on that...then to top it off, the RTA they came out with for the Triton tank doesn't even work on any of the Atlantis tanks, despite the pre-made coils being interchangeable -- they purposely designed the RTA without the screw-in-threads on the top of the atomizer, so on the Atlantis tanks it has nothing to screw into and hold it into place, and hence doesn't work. The store I purchased my RTA kit from told me that it *would* work in the Atlantis though, and they said "Aspire told us all Triton coils and Atlantis coils are interchangeable" -- thanks a lot. There are also no markings on the RTA packaging that specifically say it doesn't work in the Atlantis tanks, nor is there any info about this on the instruction cards inside the tin kit, nor is there any warning on Aspire's website or store! Now my Atlantis V2 is ruined, because I tried to put the RTA in, and it is now stuck -- I see no way to get it out without destroying either the RTA or the Atlantis V2. I'm going to try again tomorrow, I guess my best option is to destroy the RTA and try to preserve the Atlantis V2 tank from destruction while trying to get the stuck atomizer out of it. I am getting really sick of Aspire's antics, I have to say. Want to make it up to this customer who you've pissed off to no end? Send me a free Triton V2. I'll send you back the V1 that I bought that is unusable because it leaks so bad. I've tried everything to stop the leaking; nothing works. The only thing that helps is keeping the bottom airflow holes completely closed when I'm not actually vaping on it; but this is not a good solution -- because if I forget to do this AFTER I vape, especially at night, the next morning there will be juice all over the place / all over my mod, and it will be ruined, all because you sold us a product that wasn't tested properly and leaks like a sieve. Again, if you want to save me as a customer, I'll give you another shot if I can exchange my Triton V1 for a V2 free of charge. What's it going to be Aspire?
  • @Speed Racer
    Same deal here -- I'm not buying any more Aspire products unless they replace my leaky piece-o-crap Triton V1 for a V2 free of charge; if they refuse to do that, I'm done. I don't see how they could have sold us ALL badly designed tanks that were not tested WHATSOEVER for leaking issues! Obviously the sole reason why they came out with the Triton V2 so quickly was to fix the leaking with the V1. What's it going to be Aspire, will you make this right with a once loyal customer?
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