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I just got my Pegasus but I dont have an instruction manual so I'm a little confused on some things. At first I ran my delta 2 on it which worked fine and allowed me to change wattage easily. I now have my Arctic tank on here and apparently I have the nickel arctic coils, something I didnt even realize until now. Is there a way to use watt mode with these coils? The switch was automatic but I would prefer to use watts if theres anyway to do that. Also, even at 600 degrees on these .2 ohm coils the hit is almost nonexistent. Ive never had a temperature control device, if anyone could answer these questions that would be cool.
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  • Sadly, at this time, once the Pegasus detects a Ni200 or Titanium coil, it goes into TC and stays there. Going to Kanthal or Stainless Steal will it go back to wattage.

    I found that Ni200 coils above 0.18 ohms do not perform well some reason also (making my own with the Triton RTA kit). I'm still new to TC myself, so I can't give an explanation as to why.

    I finally picked up some Aspire Ni200 0.15 ohm coils, and I am running them in my Triton and Atlantis with my Pegasus in TC. They are doing really well around 390-410F depending on the juice I'm using. The vapor production is good, 390F is a cool vape, where 410F gets warm. Of course 390F doesn't produce as big as a cloud as 410F.

    But the flavor is exceptional. I'm starting to understand why the flavor chasers like TC. I haven't gotten a dry hit since I figured out the sweet spot, temperature wise for my juice.
  • One thing I want to mention is that you should not run Nickel or Titanium coils in Wattage mode, ever. Both metals will oxidize at high temps and give off carcinogenic fumes. For the same reason, do not heat these wires to glowing when building your coils either. If you get a white, flaky layer on these coils, throw them out. That stuff is bad news. I am sure this is why Aspire made the auto-TC mode on the Pegasus in the first place.

    When used correctly, these metals pose no danger. It is only when they are superheated that they become dangerous. And Titanium can actually start on fire if heated too much!

    Stay safe, fellow vapers.
  • I'm also finding the sweet spot for my current 0.1Ω Ni200 Coils around 410°F-420°F on the Pegasus Mod using the Triton Tank. Then with a different tank and the Vapor Shark Ni200 0.15Ω Coils, I was finding the sweet spot around 400°F-410°F. This was only varying by about 10°F b/c of different flavors of E-Liquids I was using but they were all 80/20 VG/PG. I'm waiting for my current 0.1Ω Ni200 Coil to burn out, so I can try the Aspire Ni200 0.15Ω Coils that I just received.

    @Guz Btw how long are the Aspire Ni200 0.15Ω Coils lasting before your needing to change to a new coil? (I'm just curious, so I can compare the life to my current coil since it's made by a third-party. I purchased them before they released the Aspire Ni200 0.15Ω Triton/Atlantis Coils.)
  • @watkijw thanks for that info I'm about to get some nickel wire to. That helps thanks.
  • @Joel360 I'm happy to help. I just tried to make a titanium build on the Triton RTA last night that did not go well. It must have shorted out after about two puffs, and when I took it apart the lower end of the wire was coated with white powder (Titanium Dioxide). So glad I didn't keep trying to vape it...
  • @Southy321 I just got the coils. I've only put around 20 ml of juice through one coil. So far so go, but time will tell how much juice it can take.

  • @watkijw dang man let me know when you figure it out and be safe.
  • @Guz Thanks for the response. If you remember, let me know when you finally have to change to a new coil? So I can see how much life you are getting out of your first Aspire Ni200 0.15Ω Triton/ Atlantis Coil? I'm still running my Vixen Ni200 0.1Ω Coil in my Triton Tank and probably have put 45ml of E-Liquid through it so far. I'm not going to put my Aspire Ni200 0.15Ω Triton/ Atlantis Coils into my tank until my current coil dies out.. Best of Luck & Vape On
  • @Joel360 I just have never had much luck with the Triton RTA. The only thing that seems to work decently for me is twisted Kanthal, so I will probably stick with that. I really need a better deck to build Ti coils on so I can see what is going on.
  • @watkijw what is the lowest ohms have you gotten on that?
  • @Joel360 I think about .5 Ohms on the twisted kanthal, and under .2 Ohms on the Ti coils. But, like I said, I don't trust Ti on the RTA. It's impossible to pulse them and fix your build.
  • I would be interested to know how many Joules the Pegasus is running in TC mode. Some TC mods allow you to adjust the Joules, and some don't. This would definitely affect vapor production at higher resistance...
  • A joule is the energy equal to one watt for one second. 200 joules can be one watt for 200 seconds, or 200 watts for one second. This makes me wonder just what these MODs that allow you to adjust joules really do :-t
  • That's a really good question regarding a lot of TC Mods, which only have the option of adjusting the Joules when using them in Temperature Control Mode (ie: YiHi Chip-Sets). Then you have other Chip-Sets with a different setup. The Mods that operate with the ability to adjust the Wattage, when your using them in Temperature Control Mode. It would be nice to see what's really going on internally between the different types of Mods? Especially, when it comes down to those that use Joules vs the Mods that use Watts for their Temperature Control adjustable features.. :-/
  • Iam using the IPV3li and works in joules in temp control and seems to work awsome. I also have the original Pegasus and it also works awsome in temp control. I like the auto feature on the first one I thought it was a great idea.
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