my triton tank doesent fit well in my pegasus mod

hi i just recieved my odissey kit, but the problem is that when i put the triton tank on it, theres a litle space in the front of the mod betwen the mod and the tank that makes the triton bend... hmmm its normal? or what can i do
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  • here are some pics
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    3264 x 2448 - 1015K
    image1.JPG 1014.9K
  • That's not right it looks like the 510 thread is not centered in the housing. I would take it back or send it back where you bought it from.
  • @Arq_Vape I gotta agree with @joel360 on that! I would return it immediately !!
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    @Arq_Vape I have the same problem - see

    I added my pictures to another user's discussion about it.
  • thaks i know but i tried to turn it back becouse i bought it directly from the on line store here in aspire, i send a video and pics to customer service but they said that they didnt see anithnk bad also has a scratch inside the conector and in the top of the mod i have no answer, they just said me that they will guive me accesories to my tryton next time i by something from them they just seamd to not wanting to change my mod or respecting his warranty policy i think i will talk to paypal to see what can i do about it
  • @Tina i realy want to this problem be resolved i am very disapointed i dont know but it also make a strange behavor on the battery indicator some times it goes up and down without being charging its strange

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    I am sorry for the delay.
    if you need a service,please feel free, do as our after-sale service suggestion to contact our service department.
    I am sorry that sometimes I am very busy with other things,I can not answer your question in time,I feel sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.
    I have checked with our online store support:she has answered your email,please check.
    what's more,I have passed your pictures to our engineer and QC department manager.
    Because our triton is made of full stainless steel,it is a little heavy(even no e-juice inside it),what's more,the plate on the top of Pegasus is arc-shaped design,the tank sit on the Pegasus,a little slant is normal,which will not affect the using.Our online store support has gave the suggestion for you.Please feel free to gave your opinion.
    While charging,the battery indicator will go up and down to show that the battery is charging.Once fully charged,the battery indicator will full and solid.

    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best Wish
  • thanks i undertsnd when charging but i send a video showing that it does it without being connected or charging ok i will think about it and be in touch with your online service thanks
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