RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Hello fellow Aspire vapers,
I'm new to the forum but not to vapeing,
I like the Aspire range but think they would benefit from introducing a RDA.
Am I the only person who thinks this?
RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
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  • I like Aspire's build quality and think a RDA would be a good addition to the Aspire range
  • I don't believe it would benefit Aspire to develop an RDA. There are so many RDA's out there and that's not to mention the knock-off/clone/fakes/whateveryouwanttocallems.
    I have not counted, but there must be at least 20 different RDA designs already in the mix. How far can you really go with an RDA? Aspire would put one out and it would be copied within 2 weeks and for what? I suppose the same could be said for tanks and mods as well. The last time I looked at FT, they had 5 different manufacturers of one RDA alone! They come in all shapes and colors too...spaceships, rubic cubes, pumpkins, snowmen, all colors including easter style pastels and swirly anodized artwork. It's all too much!
  • @revvic thank you for your suggestion.I will pass your suggestion to our products development.
    Personally,i agree with @charlzrocks ,there are so many RDA's around the market that users can choose from.
    If aspire put one,I think it need be different and special from other brands.
  • Honestly I would much rather see an improved RTA system for the Triton and Atlantis tanks. I don't know how much more you can really put into an RDA... Then again, I am way too lazy to putz around with drippers. LOL :P
  • @Guz that's a good idea I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  • I will definitely get one of those! :D
  • Wow, that is awesome! I am interested to see what features Aspire will include in this RDA! I don't use RDA's very often, but they sure come in handy to try new juice flavors. :D
  • Great! I've been waiting for this :)
  • Hopefully they make the holes big enough to use 22awg twisted wire and fused Clapton.
  • @watkijw ;))
    I need keep my mouth closed,otherwise,the manager from aspire products development department will kill me.
  • @Tina hahaha, ok we won't pressure you too much then... ;)
  • There have been a few people that have suggested this. Hopefully Aspire will listen that would be great. They are pretty good at listen to their customers. I think they would do a great job making one.
  • $20 will get you decent RDA at most B&M vape shops. But honestly most RDA setups are so simple, it's stupidly simple to clone.

    But if Aspire could make a $5-$10 US retail RDA, ya! I'd pick one up. Mainly for flavor tasting. Make a fused Clapton coil, hang it just above the deck and just drip on the coil without cotton to taste various flavors at a shop. A two hit wonder.
  • I've been talking to the Facebook admin for Aspire and a RDA is currently in the design phase, I've also posted a link to this poll so Aspire customers can show if they support the idea or not
    1080 x 1920 - 452K
  • @Tina ,
    Hi.. Please tell your designers to make the RDA Squonk adaptable.. This would require a minimal investment on Aspire's part but with squonking on the sharp uprise, greatly enhance the marketability of the product. Top airflow directed to rise from underneath the coils would also minimize the potential for eliquid leakage.
  • @REBELSCL You are digging up a two year old subject here ...
    Meanwhile, Aspire has come out with the Quad Flex last year with an optional squonk center pin and two different airflow caps.
  • Cegoca said:

    @REBELSCL You are digging up a two year old subject here ...
    Meanwhile, Aspire has come out with the Quad Flex last year with an optional squonk center pin and two different airflow caps.

    I have to agree with @Cegoca The squonk is a dying breed by todays standards.
  • @REBELSCL thank you for the kind suggestion
    Your kind suggestion always welcome and will be passed to our R&D department

    Please pay the continuous attention to Aspire,more products will come out in near future
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