my battery on my CF MAXX mod wont charge

ok so i have the cf maxx battery and i want it to charge it has a charge left but when i plug it in to charge the light will flash on the battery and the light turns red as if it was charging. but the charger is showing the red light but it has the green light on too but its blinking like every 3 seconds i left it charging when i left for work and i got back and it didnt charge at all how am i to fix this
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    User suggestion: Could be dead battery/circuit board/charger/loose wiring inside.. Hard to tell.. First try to use another charger and your current charger with another mod of the type. This could help you narrow down the possible cause of the problem (is the mod dead or the charger?). If the battery is dead or there is some wiring that has come loose, it can be replaced/resoldered by a skilled person. If the charger is dead, buy another. If the chip is dead...dunno if you can purschase another.

    If it is still under warranty, ignore the above and claim it where you bought the thing.
  • @Balletor When did you purchase the battery? The Aspire CF Maxx has a 3 month warranty. If not past the 3 months, contact the retailer where you bought it for service first.
  • It might be just bad charger they do take quit a awhile too charge. Elgribo is right.
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