New to Vaping - Mini Nautilus

As the title states I'm new to this, I'm tired of paying so much for cigarettes and now that Vaping has more of a presence and seems to be here to stay I decided to jump in and get into it.

I was sold the Mini Nautilus "Premium Kit" and given a bottle of "Flavour Crafters - Navy Cut Tobacco" juice which is 18mg Nicotine level.

I run it at a 3.8 voltage and keep airflow at the 1.4mm mark. (Not sure if these are good settings or not, I was told it's my preference and this seems to feel like a cigarette to me so whoopie!)

However I'm concerned with what he told me about the "Atomizer" I was told to replace it when it tastes like "burning" however it tastes like that regardless. (This flavour tastes nothing like tobacco, so I have nothing else to base it on other than "burning") the guy at the shop showed me how to put it together, take it apart, and how to properly fill it and even filled it for me which was great.

I'm just wondering if there are better ways to tell when to replace it as it seems I don't want to be inhaling anything that would be considered "burning" in this sort of situation.

I'm also looking for any other handy tips a newbie like me should know, and also if anyone else has noticed that tobacco flavour does not taste anything like tobacco.


P.S. The forum software needs the ability to return to editing my post after "Previewing" as well as a scroll bar for longer posts like this. I cannot scroll up to see what I wrote which is a bit silly. :D

EDIT/ Realized I'm using the "Mini Nautilus" did not want any confusion.
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  • @themikeberg I concur with everything that @ElGribo has said and would like to invite you to check out the Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF) it has a wealth of information and lots of answers to the questions that newbies like you are going to have. We all started in the same boat so to speak and I suggest you check the ECF out. Here is a link: Good Luck and welcome to the world of vaping! :-bd
  • Hi, @themikeberg and welcome onboard! Congrats for the purchase (a very good pick!) and I hope you will enjoy your vaping experience.

    My personal advice:
    1/ no eliquid tastes like burning tobacco. All flavors are imho derived from the qualities of a tobacco blend BEFORE it is actually burned, so turkish tobacco eliquid will probably be honey flavoured....because real turkish tobacco has honey tones to it....before you burn it.
    2/ there are tons of additives in cigarettes that actually make smoking them so enjoyable. You should not look for a similar experience in vape. It is just a different kind of thing and you have to find your new (and slightly different) joy in it ... the flavours, the clouds, whatever.
    3/ It is hard to tell whether your present coil is due for replacement. You have to come to that conlusion yourself and you WILL know - it loses taste, ability to produce clouds, the resistance of the coil goes up ....and the burning taste. However, as you already feel something burning (though it may be just a flavor in the juice or your "imagination") I suggest you put a new coil (atomizer) in your tank and compare the flavor. You should always have an extra coil on you comes handy sooner or later, believe me.
    4/ The voltage you set is okay but imho Nautilus works better in slightly higher voltages.... you may go up if you like, I go to 4.3V and some go even higher. Depends on you juice (different juices can produce the best taste at different voltages), the warmth of the vape you prefer...
    5/ Your taste will keep changing in time if you quit smoking. You may also acquire temporary loss of taste, it is called "vapers tongue". Google it.
    6/ The airflow is completely up to you. Some like tighter draw (mostly mouth to lung vaping for which the Nautilus is designed), some prefer huge airflow and massive clouds (achieved through subohm vaping where you draw air straight into your lungs).

    Thats roughly what comes to my mind at the moment.

    There are just too many variables to be described here properly...and that also makes vaping so much fun so I suggest you do your homework ;-), everything has been described before by someone, somewhere on the net.

    P.S. you can scroll through your post and edit it with the help of the arrow keys. But yeah, a scrollbar or a dynamically resizing box would be a nice thing ;-)
  • Absolutely, the ECF @charlzrocks recommends is an awesome place to start no matter whether you want some basic info on vaping or seek advanced assistance.
  • @ElGribo and @charlzrocks thank you for your current input! I guess I'll just keep on it and hope for the best. Maybe Canadian Tobacco has always tasted this... Different.

    As for loss of taste, I've actually gained mine back but vapers tongue sounds quite interesting.

    I'll be certain to check out the site thank you both for your timely replies!

    Thanks very much!
  • @themikeberg you're welcome and good luck!
  • @themikeberg Welcome to vaping. The Nautilus Mini is a great tank. You should verify its authenticity, and when you buy the first set of replacement coils from your vape shop, check them as well. Many shops cut corners by selling clones which usually are of lesser quality and don't vape as well as the real deal. Once you have established that your vape shop is selling authentic Aspire supplies you don't have to go through this every time; just whenever something seems off.

    Your coils should last between 30 - 45 ml of e-liquid. You'll notice that you get less vapor and less taste as they age. The 'burnt taste' usually happens if you raise the voltage too high.

    Your next purchase should include another tank, and a different flavour of e-liquid. Stick with a second Nautilus Mini if you are happy with it. The second flavour is to overcome 'vape tongue.' You'll find that the taste of your first flavour starts to decline as your taste buds get used to it. Vaping a different flavour seems to kick start them again.

    Take the time to read the reviews and become familiar with what's available on the market. Be careful if you are considering a MOD (power source) that communicates with a phone or tablet. Check the ratings of the app for your device as well as the MOD itself. At least one of the apps for has very poor ratings as it won't let you unlock all of the MOD's features (not an Aspire product.)

  • Welcome to the forum and happy vaping. Everything that has been said is very good info. Also just wanted to ad that I haven't found a very good tobacco flavor yet.
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