Pegasus TC mode

how do i stop my mod from switching to TC mode?
i just got my odyssay yesterday and so far not been able to use it
when i first powered it up it was in TC mode without the TC coil installed
burnt out one coil trying to change it to watts, got it changed though
so installed the .4ohm coil, everything looked good
until i try to fire it. it just switches back to TC mode

i have tried the 3 techniques from another post and so far it won't change, and i have another burnt out coil

i should add the coils that burnt out had been soaked in juice for a good 5mins

so now i'm left with only the Ni200 coil

i have ordered more coils
but how many am i going to burn out before i get this thing to work?
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  • Yeah, it seems so. Make sure you are buying genuine Aspire coils! The fakes tend to be terrible.
  • ok i got my new coils today

    it switched from TC mode to watts no problem
    maybe the coils it was shipped with are dodgy?
  • yeah i've had fakes in the past, would never do that again ;)
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    It's fully worth paying the money for Genuine Authentic Aspire Atlantis &/or Triton Coils. The generic or off-labeled Chinese coils, that some website sale, which fit the Atlantis & Triton Tanks are horrible all around (an they are normally only about a $5-$7 difference in price). The generic or no name coils don't last as long and who even knows what materials they use in making the knockoff coils with. I personally haven't purchased any generic Atlantis or Triton Coils before. But my uncle, unfortunately was sold a pack of knock off Atlantis Coils from a B&M Vape Shop on Vacation and he knew right away that something was wrong with the coils. I put one of the coils in my Triton Tank before my uncle threw them away and came to the same decision as he did, that the generic or knockoff Atlantis coils where garbage. On a different note, before they shipped the first batch of the Aspire Pegasus Mods, after advising it was going to come with Temperature Control. At that time, they didn't have Ni200 Coils made by Aspire for the Atlantis or Triton Tanks. So I purchased some Vixen 0.1Ω Ni200: 50 - 150w Coils and was really surprised how well they vaped in the Triton and Atlantis Tanks. I'm still going through the pack of 5 and I'm only my 3rd coil (just changed to that new coil 2 days ago). I just received my Aspire 0.15Ω Ni200 Coils for the Atlantis/Triton Tank today in the mail. I'm really looking forward to seeing if there is much of a difference between them (I'm sure that the Aspire Ni200 Coils will be better than the Vixen Ni200 Coils) just curious because of the 0.05Ω variance in resistance between the two brands of coils and seeing the expectancy of how long the Aspire Ni200 Coils will last with the E-Liquid that I'm vaping also. That way I have something to compare the Aspire Ni200 Coils too. Besides the Vixen Ni200 Coils, the only other thing I was able to compare it with was the Vapor Shark Atlantis Coils and building my own coils with Ni200 Wire for the Triton RTA System. I wasn't a fan of the lifespan of the Vapor Shark Atlantis 0.15Ω Coils. So getting ready to try the new Aspire 0.15Ω Ni200 Atlantis/Triton Coils, once the existing Vixen Coil in my Triton Tank burns out on me. I will follow up after trying out the new Aspire TC Coils in my Triton and Atlantis Tanks.
  • Great information there @Southy321 we thanks you!
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    i don't know what it is, but i'm getting little to no vapour from my triton
    i can see its using juice.
    if i attach my old nautilus i get good clouds
    i'm using 70/30 juice, should i be using different juice for the sub ohm coils?
    same juice in triton and nautilus
  • @Morph2o Vapor production falls off as the coil ages.
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    @Old_Salt. these are new coils lol
  • @Morph2o but are they authentic Aspire coils? :-?
  • your 70/30 it 70 VG or 70 PG? The more pg, the less vapor.....check the label on the bottle. Some suppliers list the PG first.
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