Alternative Triton RTA upper ring to fit Atlantis Tanks

@Tina or whoever reads this: would it be possible to design and manufacture an alternative upper ring for Triton RTA system so that the RTA would fit also into Atlantis tanks? Currently the upper part lacks the threads which are necessary to screw together the Atlantis tank.

I assume that the RTA is otherwise fit for Atlantis (same size/diameter...) as the non-rebuildable coils are interchangeable.

I think you would please many an Atlantis user who at the moment must seek an alternative from your competiton-that-must-not-be-named, namely A.ny.vape ;-)

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I could not find anything.
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  • @ElGribo ok,I will also pass this suggestion to our products development department.
  • @Tina Hey Tina, your dev team might have a look at quick-connects used in electronics for inspiration. I'm thinking of the BNC connector, but reverse the channel so it locks when you turn the base out of the tank. :-/ :-t
  • @ElGribo I got your suggestion.I will talk with our products development department,If this suggestion can come into truth.

  • Something may already be in the works.........RTA for the Atlantis is a possibility....stay tuned........
  • That would be very cool
  • This would be a great for the Atlantis V1, V2, & Mega users (since I have a collection of Atlantis Tanks also and I'm sure many others do also) have an RTA System like they made for the Triton Tank. It would have to be designed, just a little different then just having threads at the top of the RTA. As if it was similar or almost identical to the Triton RTA System but with just screw threads on the top outside hardware it would unscrew from the middle hardware when taking apart the top of the Atlantis Series Tanks to refill with E-Liquid. Thus , ruining your coil & wicking build in the RTA System Coil. I unfortunately had to also go to a competitor sometime back, like the original OP, to obtain in RTA system for my Atlantis series tanks. When I found that the Triton RTA System Platform wasn't compatible with the Atlantis Tanks. Hope to see something in the works soon. :D
  • Thanks @Southy321, you are perfectly right. The RTA, if redesigned for Atlantis, needs to have the upper part fixed in its place so that it doesn't unscrew and is not left stuck in the chimney when disassembling the tank. A simple solution could - perhaps - be a contra thread that connects the base and the upper ring. or a small screw securing the upper ring in the screwed-in position against the base.

    This problem (upper ring stuck in the chimney) is exactly what happens with the RTA produced by the competition. I just hoped Aspire are aware if this engineering challenge ;-) but, hey, better safe than sorry - so thanks again for pointing this out!
  • @Old_Salt BNC connector? do you have pictures of the BNC connetor to share with us? :-/
  • Reversing the slots on the right hand part ensures the connection would tighten when you remove the tank from the base so parts of the RTA are not left behind.
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