CF Maxx compatability

Hello fellow Aspire vapers, I'm new to the forum but been vaping around a year. Sorry if this subject has been covered elsewhere.
As the CF Maxx is a variable wattage device can I use for example a nautalus 1.8ohm as long as I apply ohms law. ie 4.2v 1.8ohm =9.8w or am I stuck with the same operating range as the CF Sub? I'm currently using a Atlantis mk1, .5ohm and a itazte vf rda with a .41ohm dual coil build without any problems, also has anyone noticed that a .5ohm Atlantis reads .57ohm when installed in ohm/battery meter
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  • @revvic The Aspire CF Maxx battery is compatible with coils from 0.3ohm up to 5.0ohm...... so you can put your Atlantis on it with anything higher than a 0.3 ohm coil on up to a 5.0 ohm coil (not that I know of anyone that vapes a 5.0 ohm coil) and be in great shape! :-bd And yes, I have noticed a slight variation in the ratings of the Aspire coils as well. In my opinion, it's not enough to be of any consequence. :-B
  • Atlantis mega atomizer lists bvc coil rated at
    .3 .5 and 1ohm
    The Atlantis mega is designed to only be run by the cf maxx but I did the math and in theory also allowing for the extra .07 resistance of atty body
    4.2v .37ohm = 47.676w
    4.2v .57ohm = 30.947w
    4.2v 1ohm = 17.64w
    All the above are standard mega coils and within 4.2v 5-50w operating range, but for instance a nautilas 1.8ohm with standard .07 deviation for atty body (i havnt actually measured nautilas body resistance to see if it different)
    4.2v 1.8ohm+.07= 2.5ohm = 7.056w
    Still within the designed operating range. Not that I have one, I just like the idea that the cf maxx can run literally anything!?!
  • All the math is jibberish to me. I just go with what it says on the Aspire website. But if all the math is your thing, enjoy!
  • Yup you should be good.
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