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Good evening all i have been a smoker for 20 years and i decided for my health and my girls health to quit smoking. I have went and bought a Aspire Mini Last monday with a Joyetech EvicVt battery. I loved it used it for almost a week using some juice a buddy was using at work. Decided i wanted more taste and cloud and decided to head to a Shop by the house and talked to some very nice people in there and they told me to git the Atlantis 2 and i have to say i love it even more the cloud the taste is so good. My question is now i have 4 different kind of juices i swap with lowest vg is 70 and highest is 90. Today i was using my 90 vg juice and all of a sudden i was getting this burnt taste. Talked to my buddy and said i need to prime it so often as much as i use it. So i did got it to take better after but its still doing it off an on hate the taste when i git it.. has the 0.3 coil in it running at 50watts and swapped out the coil to the 0.5 and running at 25 to 30. Anything i am doing wrong and anything i can do more that can help. Thank you very much for ya time
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  • From what I can gather from your post, you may be vaping a bit too fast. Hard hits with a high VG juice can do that. The coil cotton doesn't have time to soak up enough juice between hits. Then dry and/or burnt hits can happen. I am running 50/50 blend through my Atlantis tanks with .5ohm coils and have no problems at all. I do when it gets to a 80% VG or higher. A .3 ohm coil burns a bit hotter than a .5ohm and that will cause dry hits as well. What you can do is hit the tank without firing and then fire it up and hit it. That way you will have drawn enough juice into the coil for it to fire properly. Give it a try maybe every two hits....hit it without firing and give it a second for the juice to get to the cotton and coil. This should work for your high VG juices. Let us know how this works for you! :)]
  • Thank you very much appreciate the help.. Love the product
  • @Chevyman1580 charlz is right I use 90vg in my atlantis 2 . 3ohm coils I soak my coils in the juice for about 5min wipe the bottom off and put in and start at 30w and go up in 10w increments. I run mine at 60 to 70w. Hope this helps you also.
  • Works like a charm did both of y'all methods and maybe had one hot hit today. Thank you both very much
  • @Chevyman1580 You are very welcome! I am glad it worked out well for you! =D>
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