Aspire CF Sub Ohm not charging anymore

Hi everyone, I've had my Aspire Sub Ohm for a couple of months now, and I'm not a heavy vaper but it has always treated me well and never had any problems. I recently tried to charge it after the battery had died, and everything looks normal on the charger, red light on the USB and an orange light around the fire button. I left it in overnight, turned it on the next day and it gave me one half-hearted hit and died. Tried charging it with different outlets and USB adapters in case I had mixed them up, but everything gave me the same result. I then brought the battery to the shop I bought it at, and they basically told me that the battery just gives out after a little while and I'm pretty much SOL, and then they tried to convince me to buy a new one.

Is there any troubleshooting I should do or should I start shopping for a new vape?

I've had it since February and it has never had any trouble before, two days before this happened it was charging just fine. I use the Atlantis tank on it and that still works perfectly, no complaints there.
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  • Is the battery authentic Aspire? If not that could be the problem. Other than that Aspire has a 90 day warranty on that battery, so you have had it 8 months. I wish I could give you better news. You might want to check that the spring loaded pin isn't stuck in the down position and not making proper contact with the charger. Also before charging you should always turn off the battery using the 5 click switch.
  • I'm pretty sure it's authentic, it came in the legit packaging and I bought it in the shop not online. I should mention that the red light on the charger is flashing very quickly, barely noticeable, like it's trying to change color but can't really get there.
    I get that it's out of warranty but I just wish it was more widely known that this craps out, it's incredibly wasteful and not environmentally friendly to make electronics that are designed to last less than a year.
  • All authentic Aspire products have the scratch off authentication number that can be checked on their website. If that hasn't been checked, you could have a clone. There are many manufacturers sending out fake Aspire products with identical packaging and graphics and even with the authentication scratch off. But when you check the scratch off number, it will have already been checked numerous times. If it's authentic, when you enter the number, it will reply "Congratulations" your product is authentic! Well if that charger is blinking like that then there is a clue that it might not be making correct contact. Double check that the spring loaded center pin is functioning properly! And double check with another charger!
  • Thanks, I'm pretty sure the pin is working properly. I tried pushing it down a little and it goes down with some resistance and pushes up to the original position again. Sorry I sound so clueless I'm just trying to give as much detail as possible. Also, is the authentication number on the device itself? I lost the packaging a while ago and I'm not going to put in the effort to find it if the vape is broken.
  • They also plugged it into a charger at the vape shop and it was doing the same thing so I doubt it's a problem with the charger
  • Ok, sounds like the pin is ok, but there is the question of authenticity. The Aspire authentication is on the original packaging and will have a scratch off strip to reveal the number. If you can find it, go to and the authenticity checker is at the bottom of the home page. If they sold you a fake, you will know after trying to check the number per my previous post in this thread. Good Luck!
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