Aspire CF VV+ Battery not screwing onto charger

I have an Aspire CF VV+ battery and it is no longer screwing onto the charger. Is it possible the charger is stripped? It does not look to be. Is there a way to clean the battery as it looks like there is some gunk in there, could that be causing the problem? My nautilus mini is still screwing on.
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  • When I was using those types of chargers, I would wipe the inside of the battery as well as the charger every time I charged it with a paper towel. It will get rid of excess juice, as well as corrosion from the current.

    It sounds like you have other problems if it won't screw together, though. Is this an Aspire charger? It is possible it could be stripped, but seems unlikely since you don't need to screw the charger on very tight anyway. But chargers are pretty cheap, so I would try getting another one.
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