Aspire Atlantis battery broke

I recently just bought the Aspire Atlantis kit and after about 3 weeks of using it the battery has now stopped working, i have had it on charge for around 8 hours over night, on the charger itself the light is green but on the sub ohm battery the light is orange.
when i screw the battery into the tank and press the button, nothing even happens.
any help would be great thanks
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  • @si_i_am The center spring loaded pin may be stuck in a lower position not allowing it to contact the charger (possibly due to sticky e-juice, I dunno) but that is the only thing that I can think of.
  • well it isnt stuck now, snapped the pile of shit in half, what a waste of 70 quid, would not recommend plus the customer support is shite aswell
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    Please clean the connector of the battery with a clean paper ,make sure the connector of the battery is clean and dry.
    Then use another charger to have a try.
    If still the same result,please go ahead as our after-sale service process.
    If you are a customer in USA,please contact our after-sales service center in USA:
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