So many tanks on the market......

With so many tanks on the market these days it can be hard to choose what to use. Every tank is different and everyone's needs are different. I struggle every day in my decision on what tank I want to use. When choosing the right tank for you, here are a few tips I have found to be useful.

1. Choose a tank that pairs well with the mod/battery that you are using. Make sure the power requirements of the tank matches what you are using. Just because a mod goes up to 50W and as low as 0.2 Ohms does not mean it will fire all 0.2 Ohm coils. If the coils for the tank you are looking for are rated to be ran above the Wattage output of a device, chances are you are not going to get a good vape. Also, a lot of mods on the market today do not go below 10W. In some higher ohm coils, this may be too high of a wattage for that coil and could burn it out quickly.
2. Choose a tank for the type of e-liquid you are using. If you are using a higher PG based juice, sub-ohm tanks many not be for you. This kind of juice tends to be harsher the stronger the vape device is. On the flip side, most higher ohm tanks are not made for high VG e-liquid. High VG e-liquid tends to be thicker in consistency and the coils on most higher ohm mods just cannot wick fast enough.
3. Are you a lung hitter or a mouth to lung hitter? For someone that likes a mouth to lung hits, typically you will want to look for a tank that has a more restrictive air flow and a higher ohm coil. For someone that likes a lung hit, the higher the air flow and lower the ohms is typically better for you.
4. Are you a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser? This one can be tricky. Higher Ohm coils tend to be better for flavor chasers. This can be very subjective though. There are plenty of sub ohm tanks on the market that are great for flavor chasers. For cloud chasers, you want a sub ohm device. Usually more coils and lower ohms give bigger clouds but not always. Air flow can effect both either way.
5. Do you want a cooler vape or a warmer vape. The more wattage you use, the hotter the vape will be. Typically a coil that is of higher ohm will provide a cooler vape. A sub-ohm coil typically will give you a cooler vape. This is not always true and will depend on the tank.
6. What nicotine strength are you using? For higher nicotine strength juices, you will want to use a higher ohm coil. I can run a 12mg juice in a tank that is 1.8Ohms but if I ran it on a 0.5 Ohm tank it would give me too much of a throat hit and would be too harsh. Typically with sub ohm tanks you should use between 0-6mg max. A lot of people use 3mg max in sub ohm tanks but I know plenty that do 6mg. Anything over 6mg will definitely be for higher ohm tank.

Hopefully with some of these tips, it can help you to choose your next tank. I did not go into Temperature Control because that is not really a big factor atm in most choices and I did not go into the fact that some tanks have crazy coils in them. I would recommend staying away from these types of tanks if you are a beginner.
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  • @midnightwolf
    EDIT: 5. Do you want a cooler vape or a warmer vape. The more wattage you use, the hotter the vape will be. Typically a coil that is of higher ohm will provide a cooler vape. A sub-ohm coil typically will give you a WARMER vape (depending on how you set the airflow control). This is not always true and will depend on the tank.

    If I am wrong please correct me..... :-B Other than that it is all Very Good advice, thanks for the post!
  • @midnightwolf that was a really nice summary!
  • @midnightwolf Ok,thanks,I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    They will take your suggestion into account while developing a new product.

  • Thank you guys. This was actually kind of a hard write up to do and it really got me thinking. I wanted to pass this information along to those trying to figure out the type of tank that they may be looking for in the future. I still use both higher ohm tanks and sub-ohm tanks all the time. Some juices I love do not really do well with sub-ohm tanks but higher ohm tanks they are quite nice. I thought long and hard as to why I would use a tank with a certain type of coil and the type of e-liquid I would put in that type of a tank. Recently I found myself wanting a higher ohm coil with a higher nicotine level now and then and why certain e-liquids I loved just did not satisfy me when I used them in a sub-ohm tank. I got a starter kit for someone and they found out that vaping just was not for them. I bought it back from them in hopes that I would end up giving it to someone that was looking to quit and found myself using it just as much as I did my sub-ohm stuff. With this I was able to figure out all the information I provided in this topic and decided to share it with everyone here in hopes that it may help someone else figure out what type of tank they may need to satisfy their needs.
  • @midnightwolf I am wonder what kind of tank can be the next one you want to try .
  • @midnightwolf that is great advice thanks wolf. ;)
  • @charlzrocks Woops it should have said warmer.

    @Tina I still love my Triton but recently tried the Smok TFV4(not an Aspire product). It is so close to the hit of a dripper that it is hard to tell that you are not using a dripper. The only problem with it is that they have so many coils for it and they are kind of costly. It is the type of tank I warned to stay away from for beginners as it has some crazy coils. The standard coil set ups have 3 or 4 but some have 6 coils in one package. This is one type of product that I would not expect Aspire to make. As with my Triton, it is still getting heavy use too ;)
  • Triton with the Pegasus mod has been the best for me . i bought me a charger with 2 18650's and i'm good to go !
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