Triton with RTA

Amazing tank, mouth to lung or straight to lung with 1.8 or 0.4 subohm vaping. The flavour, the vapor production, the top fill all brilliant. But using the RTA I've come to realise this is just an after thought. It seems like Aspire just want you to buy their premade coils because no matter what I've tried I've had three tanks just leak out of the airflow. For someone not bothered by the RTA then this tank is for you, if however your like me and want a leak free RTA give this a miss. I'm getting a refund and have ordered a Billow V2, very disappointed!
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  • It can be a little tricky are you doing horizontal coil or vertical? I found the horizontal easier. Vertical is a little more challenging. I use a horizontal Clapton coil at 6 ohms. They have video on how to make both coil configurations you should give it a look before you give up.
  • @Joel360 How do you fit a Clapton in the RTA? I assume it is not a fused Clapton. Let me know what gauge wires you are using, and the diameter of the wrap. :)

    My challenge with this RTA is the size - I would love to see a bigger deck. And the horizontal is an easier build, but I find the vertical coils perform a bit better for me, and have not had leaking issues with them when I use twisted kanthal. Normal resistance coils seemed a bit finicky for me.
  • @watkijw it is 26/32 gauge it barley fits but it does. I am thinking about drilling the holes out a little bigger to get thicker wire in there. If I do I will let you know.
  • @Joel360 that sounds like a nice wrap. Are you using strictly kanthal, or is the 26g nichrome or some other lower resistance wire? I am just starting to make some Claptons, and I read that it works better if the big wire(s) in the middle are low resistance? And can I assume you are wrapping a 2mm coil?
  • @watkijw I used straight kanthal and 5 wraps at 2mm.
  • @Joel360 thanks, I will have to give that a try. I made my first Clapton yesterday, and it is a beast of a coil! But I used 34g kanthal around 22g nichrome. 4 wraps at 2.5mm came out to .12 Ohms lol. Not a chance that would fit in the Triton RTA. It sure is pretty, though. :D
  • @watkijw right on I made 24 twisted kanthal 10 wraps came out at .5 3mm. Monsters huge clouds at 80w.
  • @watkijw scratch that they came out at .22
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