Aspire ESP 30W Box Mod Warranty

Hi all,

I purchased an Aspire ESP 30W box mod from an authorised dealer in the UK at the end of May 2015. Unfortunately the variable voltage dial no longer changes the power output (although the mod still fires the atomiser). I contacted the dealer and they said it only comes with a one month warranty. Is this correct?
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  • I see lots of posts on here from ESP users with the same issue. I received mine on 08/05 and by 13/05 it had developed the same fault as yours.

    Fortunately for me, the seller took the ESP back for repair and I had it back in my hands on 20/05.

    Here is the comment they made;
    "Just to let you know we got the esp back, got the engineer to have a look at it and it apparently was a simple fix, so its been repaired, and we are sending it back today for you."

    It's been working without any issue since then.

    I was very fortunate that the Vendor provided excellent Customer service on this occasion. Even if it is a 30 day warranty I think your Vendor should do the right thing and replace or repair your ESP especially if it is a "simple fix".

    It must have more than a 30 day warranty surely? Especially with a built-in battery.
  • Glad you got yours fixed Cloobster, you were 'lucky' to have it go faulty within the 30 days!
    I understand the limited warranty for atomizers etc due to health and safety, but for an electronic device, which is what the ESP basically is, it should be covered by the standard 12 month warranty. There is no reasonable explanation why only a 30 day warranty is offered.
  • @Alix if it is a authorized seller of aspire,it should comply with aspire warranty policy.
    we offer three months warranty for our batteries,if your battery is still under warranty ,please go ahead as our after-sale service process.
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