Triton 1.8 black and blue gasket question

So I have a question for anyone that can answer. I am seeing two different versions of the Triton 1.8 ohm coil online. One has 2 blue gaskets and small air holes (which I know are authentic) . The other has a top black gasket and bottom blue gasket and 2 big air holes. Can anyone confirm the authenticity of the black and blue gasket coils with bigger air holes? Are these updated ones, first batch or fakes? Thanks in advanced to Aspire and the community.
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  • I do believe the blue ones are the only authentic coils from aspire.
  • @joel360 is correct to the best of my knowledge. Check the side of the coil....does it have the ohm rating and the Aspire name?
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    You are probably right. Can't tell from the picture. Fake ones. Just thought I would get some input :) they are sold here:

    Also if you type in Triton 1.8 coils in Google there are a couple others as well.

    But the funny thing is I just gave my girlfriend one of my 0.4 Triton coils and she is loving it :) Might not end up going to 1.8s after all. She has been on a Nautilus for about a year. Got her an Atlantis 2 and istick tc40 but the istick still seem to burn out the 0.5 Atlantis coils so was going to look at the 1.8s since I love the Triton coils in my Atlantis 2.

    Thanks for the quick replies.
  • @RabidFace would you please attach a picture to show the different?
    I will check with our engineer for you.
  • After checking with our engineer,for the triton 1.8 ohm coil,we use blue gasket on top and buttom two blue gaskets.No black gasket.
    What's more,we didn't change the size of the airflow hole on the coil.

  • @RabidFace well there you have it from aspire themselves. Good luck and happy vaping. :D
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