I am having the very same problems as this user. I have a aspire nautilus mini on an eleaf istick. I bought my whole set up in Imperial ,missouri last dec. 2014. I love (loved) it. At first it was great. I bought my first package of replacement coils(aspire) when I got back home in Phoenix,az. Thats when problems started. Coils were sticking inside upper hardware, and completely coming apart when i tried unscrewing it from upper hardware. Does not screw onto battery, it stripped threads inside hole of battery.I also am done with it, and keep having to spend money. Thats why I (thought) I bought a very good brand instead of going cheap. I am so done with people that should hold true to their product and reputation passing the buck and blaming others for their faulty products.Nothing is perfect, so when there is someone bringing that to your attention, you should stand by your product ( if it is a good product ) and replace them with another product (exchange one for the other). Because word of mouth and letting people know, such as Facebook that your products are not worth buying would not be good for you. I will have to buy another setup, and I am sorry to say it will not be an aspire nautilus.
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  • It sounds to me like you bought fake coils. Did they have the authenticity scratch off on the package? Did you try to return them for a replacement or refund? There are MANY fake coils out there that will make the Aspire name a bad one. Try to get with the folks you bought them from and make sure that they are AUTHENTIC Aspire coils.
  • @charlzrocks is there are alot of knock off products out there and clones. You should make sure they are authentic before you knock aspire. You shouldn't give on them if they aren't authentic. That's why they have the authenticity check on their website.
  • Just echoing the same idea - buy only authentic gear from a trusted source. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is - and knockoffs are never worth buying IMO.

    I have been using my two Nauties faithfully for two years and never a single issue with the threading. Same goes for the Triton - sure there are a few issues, but the tank is solid and machining on the threads is perfect.

    Good luck to you @rd_grogan I hope you are able to figure out the issue!
  • If the problems started with a new pack of coils, that's probably where the problem lies. Order coils from a trusted source and see if that fixes it. The only other thing I could think, since your Nautilus Mini is getting older, perhaps the threading on the base airflow or the upper hardware where the coil screws in is becoming mis-threaded. Let us know if the new coils don't fix the issue and we can investigate other options...
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