Fake Nautilus ???

Note that I have also posted this in the Users Zone but I think I may have a better chance of getting a reply from an Aspire rep in this forum section.
Sorry but I did not notice this section the first time around.
I apologize for the duplication.

Not sure if I have bought a fake.

When I input the security code (0676867684477184) it comes up as being checked 45972 times.
But does not specifically say this is a fake/clone.

Also the atomizer in the unit did not have a hole in the bottom pin so there was no air flow.
The included spare atomizer was OK.

So can anyone tell me if this is a fake???

Thanks in advance
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  • The same answer as I gave for the Mini applies. Aspire uses each security code only once. Each product sold will have a unique code. For example, if you buy two authentic Nautilus Minis, the codes will be different. When you check the codes, you should be the first one to do so for both.

    Many of the clone manufacturers use the same Aspire security code on ALL of their products. They probably purchased one item from Aspire, and continually re-use it.
  • Salt is right it should be only checked once. Sounds like you might have a clone.
  • Yep. ya been had by the fakers!
  • @manitobaden,I am sorry that you got the fake aspire product.
    The security code is on the box,which need customer to scratch and get it,
    When customer check the security code on our website,it should be original.no one check the security code before you.
    If the security code is checked one or more times before or doesn't not exist,it is fake aspire product.
    If the product is original,the checking out result should be "Congratulations!

    The Aspire product you bought with this security code is original". otherwise,it is fake aspire product.
  • Thank you to those who responded.

    I returned the item to the store and they gave me my money back.

    Bought another one at a different store.
    Checked it and it is genuine.

    I got lucky that the atomizer in the unit was bad, otherwise I probably would not have investigated and found out that it was a fake.
    A very good clone but not as good quality as the genuine unit but you would have to have both to know it was a knock off.

    Thanks again
  • @manitobaden We are glad that we could be of some help! Vape on!
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