Crappy Product - Nautilus BVC Replacement Atomizer

This new product is crap. Utilizing the recommended settings from Aspire, I get maybe 3 days of less than 500 puffs a day, no where near the suggested replacement of two weeks with 500 puffs a day. Ever since Aspire has changed to the new coils, I can not get a coil to last more than 3 days. Usually, I have to change every 2 days. So, from paying $16 every month and a half, I now have to spend $45 every month and a half on these. I'm telling all my friends to stop using the Nautilus because of this issue, especially after I got as many to buy them because of the quality they used to have.
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  • Sorry to hear of your problems @puck610 Did these coils have the good authenticity scratch off on the package? There are many fakes/clones of Aspire products out there. With the coils wearing out so fast it makes me think that it could be your juice causing the problem or even your mod. What type of mod are you using?
  • And thick juice will shorten the coils life.
  • I'm using the same 50/50 from the same vendor that I started with. I've been buying them from the same before as well, continue to scratch the label, they are authentic from the web site. Using an mvp20w itazte. I've used other tasks on top and they're lasting fine. I thought maybe my mod was acting up, but with no problems with other tanks I'm left to believe it's the coils
  • Just so you are aware, if the scratch off label code indicates that it has been checked more than once the coils are fake. From there I suggest that you contact customer support for Aspire to see what they can do for you. I have seen only a few problems with the Nautilus BVC coils (Same problems as you indicated) so I am wondering if there is a bad batch they made up. At any rate, contact customer support and they should help you out at
  • @puck610 Sorry to hear of your problems - it is almost definitely caused by the change of coil construction to cotton wicking and much larger juice ports. I have exactly the same problems and they do not last nearly as long as the original type before they go "bad" and if your VG/PG ratio is wrong they will gurgle or even flood - although you should be OK with your 50/50 on that score at least.

    If they are genuine coils then it's probably NOT you, NOT your juice, lack of priming, lack of "standing to soak" time, your mod, sucking too hard, sucking too soft, too high a wattage, too low a wattage or any of the the other platitudes you will hear from Aspire when you complain - it's simply the coils have been changed and they are nowhere near as good as the originals in my opinion, as well as the opinion of a LOT of other users both on here and other forums.

    Sorry, but welcome to the ever growing club.
  • I dunno. I vape juices from Liqua (AFAIK 70/30 PG/VG ratio, so pretty thin juice) and other local brands (such as Ecoliquid/Electra, which are 40/60 PG/VG ratio AFAIK, so a bit thicker) and NO GURGLING, ever, old coils, new coils, small holes, big holes, all work great.

    Thing is, I fixed my tanks by adding a sealing ring into the chimney, the how-to can be found somewhere in this forum, give it a try.

    Actually, the only problem I have ever had was a single case where an old coil with small holes was not able to wick at all --> burnt taste. Maybe a faulty coil/wicking.
  • @ElGribo To be honest I am a bit confused as you say you never had any problems, other than the one bad coil, BUT you had to "fix" your tanks? So was it the case that you did in fact have problems that you had to "fix"?

    Using the same juice I got these problems as soon as the coils changed to cotton with larger holes - which on the Nautilus can be fixed by adding one or two O-Rings around the body of the coil restricting the flow into the juice ports - but on the ET-S, K1 etc, with the smaller coils, it can't be fixed in a similar fashion because there is not enough clearance to fit the rings. Same problem on 2 different Aspire products which started only when they changed both types of coils - possibly NOT a coincidence?
  • @woodbar Sorry for the shortcut in expressing myself, mate. Indeed, I should have started and structured my previous post in a different way:

    "When I purchased my first Nautilus tank, I had occassional gurgle, even though I used the old small-hole coils that came with the tank. This stopped completely once I added the sealing in the chimney as described elsewhere in this forum. Since then I have purchased 7 more tanks and "fixed" them in the same way before actually filling them for the 1st time.

    Actually, the only problem I have ever had since then was a single case where an old coil with small holes was not able to wick at all --> burnt taste. Maybe a faulty coil/wicking

    I vape juices from Liqua (AFAIK 70/30 PG/VG ratio, so pretty thin juice) and other local brands (such as Ecoliquid/Electra, which are 40/60 PG/VG ratio AFAIK, so a bit thicker) and NO GURGLING, ever, old coils, new coils, small holes, big holes, all work great."

    I hope the above post now makes more sense. To be honest, I focused more on the overall performance of the coils which I find stable and see no difference between the old and the new coils. I was trying to tell the OP that it might be the tank that needs some DYI fix, not the coil as such.
  • @ElGribo Ah, OK I understand now - it was just not logical before.

    It's funny how different people get different results obviously juice consistency plays a big part and maybe ambient temperatures and strength of draw etc. etc.

    I have never had a problem with the juice going over the top of the coil with the Nautilus (I am assuming that is what your mod fixes?) as it is a screwed connection but I have had exactly that problem with the Triton which is just a push fit join between coil and chimney.
  • woodbar said:

    I have never had a problem with the juice going over the top of the coil with the Nautilus (I am assuming that is what your mod fixes?) ...

    In fact, no. This fix shall ensure that negative pressure is kept inside the tank especially when low on juice. Without this, once the level drops below certain level (or if you tilt your half full tank), air starts flowing through where the top of the coil sits in the chimney and the tank leaks through the base. Lack of negative pressure imho causes most problems with top-filling tanks, as once you open the filling hole, you lose negative pressure that prevents juice flowing freely through the wicking into the base. The same happens when the top filling mechanism (or the top of any tank) is not airtight. I once had a top-filling Anyvape Peakomizer (compatible with old basic aspire coils) that was a real pain in the .... in where the sun does not shine :-)

    I guess the more openings, threads, seals, o-rings, moving parts a tank has, the more it is likely to become a wet nightmare ;-)

  • @ElGribo Blimey, for a minute I thought you meant the Nautilus was top fill and I was wondering what chemicals you had added to your juice? Then I re-read it and I see what you mean.

    Strange I have not experienced that on the Nautilus, only the fact that the larger ports were wicking too much juice (for my vaping style) - as if it was not holding the correct negative pressure it would have still leaked even with my slight restrictions over the juice ports I guess.

    The Triton is a very good example of the phenomena you describe as when you refit the top cap after filling it pressurises the tank and forces excess juice into the coil - you can partially limit this affect if you remember to turn the tank upside down and open the main AFC before fitting the cap. I think you are correct - the more moving parts and seals you have then the more chance of a leak of either fluid or air. I still actually prefer the Nautilus style of bottom fill as it is not really any-more involved than most top-fill devices (even easier than some) and I like to check the condition and tightness of my coil at the same time as cleaning the 510 connection as there is always just a little seepage from the sprung centre pin.

    Just a thought, IF you "fixed" the other tanks before you even tried them then it could be that they did not need "fixing" and your first tank was the only one that had an air leak problem?
  • @ElGribo What I meant to add is one of the things I like about the Nautilus (full size) is the fact that I find I can actually vape them until the tank looks almost completely empty because you have that well that the coil screws into which gives just a small safety reservoir of juice. Some of the other devices I have tried you are unable to "fill" properly, because the chimney stops halfway up the tank and you need to refill when they are about a quarter full - so a 4ml tank actually becomes a 2ml tank in reality!

    I suppose that is one of the plus points for top fill - you don't need to worry about the length of the chimney.
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    @woodbar Yeah, sorry, English is not my native tongue so I may sometimes sound intoxicated, lol (the other thing is that I try to be short in my comments which may also add to someone's confusion :-) But no, I don't mix anything into my juices :-)))

    Fixing my Nautili - well, I had problems with my first tank so I searched the net for a solution. After some research I finally found that one on youtube and it worked like a charm. So I stayed on the safe side with all of the tanks I bought later and just added the sealing right after unboxing each of them....and they don't leak, no way, no matter how I shake the toolbox in which I carry them around (short runs, jumps, throwing my backpack around, temperature changes...). Sure, only the first tank might have been faulty but I decided that the added sealing could do no harm in either case. Anyway I recommend this fix to anyone who has leaking issues, as I assume that it did the trick for me - at least with the first tank it did for sure.

    Bottom filling - I prefer that too and I guess the Nautilus is the most ingenius tank in that respect. The chimney is long enough to fill the tank all the way up so that there's almost no air left when screwed back together. Not the same with the Atlantis though, its chimney being relatively much shorter. And sure, I love the fact that you can vape the juice in your Nautilus all the way down, just like you said. The question is whether the great design is intentional or rather a good coincidence that will not happen again with newer tanks :-)). If only we had a wider choice of more sturdy and better looking replacement ctanks for the Nautilus (preferably SS - pyrex combination similar to the hollowed sleeve tank).
  • @ElGribo No, nor do I mix, but it is tempting sometimes!

    OK I understand all that - I keep forgetting when using different tanks that I can actually vape the Nautilus until virtually empty - the only other one I have found that is comparable is the JT Mega One that I am using at the moment which I managed to get in stainless steel instead of all the painted ones they seem to be pushing at the moment - like the Nautilus the chimney is long (even longer actually) and the juice holes are not in a well but are pretty much level with the deck so you can go pretty low in level before you have to refill.

    I only use the hollowed sleeve tanks on all mu Nautili, both full size and mini, as I think the plain glass original looks pretty ugly and just not to my taste.

    Oh well, it keeps life interesting!
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