And the story continues

Hi I don't know if you remember the top plate warping on my pegasus well it gets better first off a big thanks to tom at aspirecig .com for all his help he tryed his best ,the day I got back from holiday my new mod arrived ,not happy scratches on the plates small marks on the outside but worst of all the battery plate was so badly made and fitted it could hardly stand up strait and when you put a battery in you can see it through the two mill gap,I sent a email tom rang me said sorry and promised to sent a new one and for all my troubles a free battery and gift ,the following day a parcel arrived I opened it and checked out the mod it was worse than the previous one the battery compartment lip was not even round and had big lumps ground out of it, it looked like somebody's school metal work project now I now I am fussy I used to be a precision engineer but come on this is rubbish , I contacted tom and told him I will stick with my original to save him money and time and the same for me,I bought aspire believing I would get a quality item being impressed with previous products but this has changed my mind these are some of the worst made products I have ever seen it is not the sellers fault it is aspires ether quality control are blind or costs are being cut which will ruin the reputation of aspire I think I will spend my money else were such a shame.
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