ESP 30 Watt Stuck at 10 watts

I've bought every aspire product there is except for the Pegasus or any of those worse than the CF Sub Ohm Battery which along with the Atlantis blew my mind last November. I always thought of Aspire as slightly better, despite owning plenty of authentic mechs, far far too many sub tanks and products by competing companies from Shengzen China which I won't plug on Aspire's site.
In the last 72 hours, I kid you not:
-My CF Sub Ohm Battery is ruined, will not charge despite yes, using an aspire brand wall plug, buying another, then buying a third. I have 3 of the plugs. Yes they are clean, and yes I gently attach the charger. So there is no poorly written clearly foreign, not that that's a bad thing, but no quick line response fixes this.
--My ESP 30 Watt that I purchased on September 14, WAY back 6 whole days ago, yes, it's so clean you could make Intel i7 processors on it so don't ask. But, after 6 days the do terribly thought out rotary dial will not go above 10 watts. Granted, it can still be used but a 10 watt box mod costs $14 a block away from my home.

Like I said, I loved Aspire.
From the Nautilus both mini and standard, to the Atlantis 1, then the Atlantis II, onto the Triton. I've spent easily, a couple grand between every product and every ohm coil they've got.
The next step was going to be purchasing the Pegasus.

But I can't throw my money away on products that are clearly rushed to market to keep up with Kanger, who releases a new sub tank every 15 seconds it seems.

So, not only will you no longer continue to receive my money but I will go out of my way, and I have so much time and money it's embarrassing, to make sure every forum and the countless brick and mortar shops that I know the owners of and ensure that nobody else buys Aspire's garbage products.

Aspire, you were great. You blew our minds with a tank, that was SUB OHM. It was a watershed for the industry. But, because copycat company's had you scared of your own shadow you ditched the higher level of integrity that I admit I may have bought into purely because I love the company name and packaging.

Now, you're just another one of those companies that pop up overnight using fast tech parts to create a tank and call it "Morpheus".

You can continue to have a website that sells products alone based on its aesthetically pleasing diagrams and the manor in which you refer to your "high and mighty" products but the proof is in the pudding...and your products are now not only inferior, but they are worse than $20 clones.
If anybody wants a shoebox full of Aspire trash message me or something I just made this account to post this.
Aspire, you have been left in the dust. And your response is to assemble inferior products.
Please, by all means allow me to fedex overnight to you all of your garbage products I have.
I'll pay for the shipping.
Moderator, please tell me where to ship this to so that it goes directly to YOU.
I want you to have it. It will go well with your tacky "responses" to customers on this site. Note: if you are willing to actually use the plural form of ANY word it makes it much easier to pretend that we don't know you too are actually in China. PLURAL.

Mic drop
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  • Your 18650 batteries are nowhere near what they are supposed to be either, and ALL your "kits", should just be ashamed. Half your products are laughable now.
    Oh, I'm sorry I meant: "all of your product are garbage now. I have many of your tank and your mod but not they working. So sorry no know why none of my stuffs I bought from you don't work. Maybe I need to try different coil out or buy more wall charger."

    Mic underarm slowly place down peacefully.

    The Pegasus is like a premature...I won't go there.
  • :(( @sd619 here is my "Tacky" response to your post. We understand your "Venting" that you have got that out of your system....I will ask you this....have you ever tried to return any of the many offending products for a refund or exchange.....or did you just feel like ripping Aspire a new one?

    It seems like the latter due to your making fun of the language barrier (that must have been particularly difficult for you to type out as you hear it in your head). Well, I for one cordially invite you to find, buy from, and pay homage to a manufacturer of comparable goods that is wholly owned and operated in the USA. So, with that said, we are all full up on "Crazy" here, I'm not buying , and have a nice day. :)
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