0.4 ohm Triton coils wattage is wrong

So, today I picked up a pack of 0.4 Triton coils for my Atlantis. I am in love with the new coils. But, the wattage rating is way off. My pack has the sticker that has the wattage changed for the 0.3 ohm coils from 55-65 to 45-55 but the 0.4 is unchanged. So, I fire it up at 30 watts and it vapes like air. Turn it up to 50 and now we are rocking. Turn it up to 60 watts and it seems like it's the sweet spot for this coil.

I thought the wattage was wierd because the 0.5 Atlantis coils have about 6 wraps and only 3 heat up and it's rated 20-30 watts. But the Triton 0.4 coils have 15 wraps, not sure how many heat up and also it's a hollow coil rated at 25-30 watts.

So, I am not sure what's going on here but something is off. For a 0.4 coil, 60 watts sounds about right. Coil reading 0.39 ohm, 4.83 watts that's 12.4 amps. All sounds on the money to me.

So, anyone else having this experience with these? Or are some of you blowing fat clouds at 30 watts? With wattage this off, this makes it hard for non hobbyists to know what to run at. My device is an SXmini.
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  • I never thought of vaping as a hobby but a way to quit smoking cigarettes. :-? Sorry but I have not got a good answer for you....anyone else care to chime in? Anyone? :bz
  • Well, been tobacco free since October of last year and it had to become a little hobby for me not to want a cigarette :D Promised myself that I would go broke vaping instead of putting anything else in my lungs.

    But, been close enough to a day on this coil and don't see any deterioration of the coil or cotton vaping between 55-60 watts.
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    I know in many video reviews I have seen about the Triton & the coils esp the 0.4 , they all could fire it at 55-60 after 6 puffs , yes it got hot but no burnt hits , I think Aspire trying to make it where the coil can last longer with those ratings but the quality of the coil is excellent can def can be pushed . i'm vaping on a 0.3 at 60 watts , now I can push 80--100 watts beyond that but that's too far up for me . hope this helps
  • Alrighty. I guess it just is what it is. ;) Thanks for the replies.
  • Thanks for the good info @powermix24 ! :-bd
  • Anytime glad to help !
  • Honestly, I find the ratings to be low on pretty much all coils. I just assume they want to be safe in their estimates and I can't blame the company for that. For the most part, I find the sweet spot to be about 150-200% of the maximum wattage that the coil is actually rated for.
  • I've seen quite a few reviews where people are firing the 0.4 ohm coils up to 40-50 watts or more, but I haven't seen many references to how high the 0.3 ohm coils have been taken. I'm yet to try my 0.3 ohm coils - I've been getting good life out of the 0.4 ohm Triton coils and 0.5 ohm Atlantis coils but I don't tend to push them much past low to mid 30s. I do take the Triton 0.4 ohm coils further than the Atlantis 0.5 ohm coils - but with 20/80 (PG/VG) I've found I can get nice clouds in the low 30s.
  • So I did had my first coil die after 6 days. BUT, I had had 2 dry burn hits from empty tank. After the first one, the coil had "healed" itself but after the second a couple days later, no matter how saturated, coil was gone, horrible burned metal taste. But, keeping on topic, this is probably why they are rated where they are at. That was 2 dry burn hits at 60 watts. I have a feeling if if I would have fired my 6 second pulls at 30, it wouldn't have killed the coil. So, lesson learned. I know it's just common sense, but keep that coil saturated if you are firing out of spec ;)
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