New Atlantis (first gen) coils

So, I picked up my Atlantis about 2 months ago and it was great! The first coil lasted about 3 and a half weeks, and so did the replacement that came in the box. But I recently bought a pack of replacement coils and it has turned it to be disastrous! (And I've checked the security codes, they are authentic) The first one lasted about a week, and I installed the second one earlier today, but I can't shake the nasty beginning flavor. I run my kbox mod at about 20 watts, so naturally I use the .5 ohm coils. I've done everything to ensure a great calling experience (let it sit for about half an hour, took a couple dry hits, I've even done a couple hits with while exhaling to try to rid myself of the beginning flavor) but I'm about 30 hits in, and it still tastes super gross, it's almost unbearable, to the point of making my vomit. The whole experience with the replacement coils has been tragic, almost to the point of going a different route and getting a tank from a different company. I really don't want to turn my back on Aspire because it was my first sub-ohm tank (before I just had a basic e-cig from Stogies, the one with a stick battery that screws into a usb charger) and thanks to getting an actual mod and a nice tank, I have been cigarette free fite nearly 2 months, and I really respect Aspire for helping me quit! Any suggestions on what might be wrong?
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