Anybody NOT having issues with the Triton?

  • @Bogdan You should NOT be posting this here - did you not read the thread header - this is only for people that think the Triton is wonderful >:)

    Seriously though, that does seem very poor longevity for the coils, even worse than I am getting at similar wattages but that could be because I generally use the inverse of your juice at 70PG/30VG which will obviously wick a little faster?
  • Mine was leaking/flooding (not pouring out) from the bottom air holes however I spent an hour this morning troubleshooting and haven't had a problem since. I tried every suggestion I could find to no avail. I tried tipping tank upside down while inserting drip tip and, like many people, this didn't help and I saw air bubbles while inserting tip. I then removed the two O-rings from bottom piece of tip, as suggested and tried again, still had bubbles and a leak. Then I noticed a third O-ring on this piece on the inside that seals around the chimney in the top of tank. Removed this O-ring and tried again, NO BUBBLES, so I then put the two outer ones back on. Still no bubbles. Been vaping ever since no leaks/flooding or anything all day. If you look at top of tank specifically the chimney, you will see a tiny gap between the tank and chimney tube. I think the pressure this O-ring creates basically pressurizes tank enough to force air through this gap, forces juice into coil, flooding it and pushing it out the bottom. You could take it a step further and place this O-ring directly around chimney tube and pushing it down (in the top of tank) effectively sealing this tiny gap however I found was not necessary in my case. I hope this helps someone else out. Perhaps a thinner O-ring is needed or none at all, but I think it would be a good idea for aspire to test this out themselves..........
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