Redesign the nautilus/nautilus mini tank in your own style---Win your chance

Aspire nautilus/nautilus mini tanks have been released for over one year,we received many kind praises,we also received some suggestion or complaints.
Now,we invite you to redesign the nautilus/nautilus mini tank in your own style.

Show us your style to win your chance.

1.Duration:Sept. 17-Oct.5

2.How to attend in this activity?
Post your design/comment under this post

3.Prize:nautilus tank(free shipping)

We will post the winners list on Oct.7

You can download the attachment to edit directly or print out for your preference.

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  • Here is my design.

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  • A nautilus mini with top fill, Different colour options for the tank and a Triton style airflow at the base, no airflow on the drip tip as this becomes redundant on a dedicated mouth to lung tank. I like the fin look on the Triton drip tip but i don't know if there will be any practical use for it on this style of tank, a slanted top would be a bonus though.

    Sub ohm vaping need not apply :D
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    I will start this post,now show my style.
    Pink nautilus tank--my style :D

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  • @rickroy123 JUST DONT CHANGE THE COILS!!! They are awesome just the way they are!!
  • @Seckles11 The main reason that I don't like coloured vaping hardware is that the coatings get scratched and chipped with normal use. They start looking ratty fairly quickly. A replaceable coloured silicone sleeve is acceptable, otherwise plain metal, or metal inlaid designs are a better fit for me.
  • @Tina thank you for this opportunity again but I tried to download and keeps telling me application not found and will not open can you or anyone help me with this matter please
  • @Tina @Joel360 thank you both yes have to download photo shop in order for me to download the template thank you both so much for the help will have my design in soon
  • Couldn't figure out Photo Shop so i figure I would use my Nautilus mini as example......
    So imagine this Nautilus with a slanted tip ( not swivel ) on a dark finish with larger airflow on bottom and top with interchangeable color pirex glass easy to clean and great for beginners and veterans of vaping I asked current users My mom Emm and a friend Andrew what they thought and they helped me with the design and for them both to say they would buy it then I know its a pretty decent upgrade to the Nautilus.......
    2015-09-18 06.58.30(1).jpg
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  • Two suggestions shown in the image.

    Customizable replacement tank is sided by four overlapping ovals. Two on opposite sides are cut out, as is the material outside of the ovals. The top and bottom are engraved or stamped to continue to oval outlines where they overlap.

    I like to see the same type of tank available for the Triton, as I've switched over completely.
    New Nautilus.jpg
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  • Nautilus is already a cool tank to use for "not sub-ohm" vaping, in my opinion he just need a little refresh :

    - Flat top for match with the new Aspire tanks line-up.
    - New Hollow-tank with fresh design , old is a little bit "old-shool"
    - Black Edition for match with many news black box-mod in the market.
    - DON'T TOUCH the Drip-tip!I love this Drip-tip for indirect vaping!I use it with Atlantis/Triton too! with 1.8Ohms coils.
    - Mega Edition maybe?(The capacity (for me) is not really a problem)

    Or maybe two Drip-tip in the box?One for Direct and One for Indirect?
  • I think an LED changing different color tank would be cool :)
  • @JennyT3541 Yeah and the LED should be powered by a little turbine generator inside the chimney so that we don't need to change button batteries in the tank :-) Or Aspire can add a small solar panel inside the coil so that it produces elektricity when the coil heats up :-)))) We shall alway save the battery in the mod for vaping, and mustn't use it for light effects, right? :-)))
  • I would only change the chrome to a gunmetal finish.
  • If I only had my modified one I would just take a pic of that and be done with it. Gave it to someone looking to quit smoking.
  • I would change the colour to be available in either chrome, black or gun metal. Also change the bottom airflow to the same style as the triton so it can suitable for anyone's preference. Keep the capacity the same as it's already a good size. Other than that I wouldn't change it as it's a great tank.
  • I will get photoshop on my pc sometime this week . first make the tip adjustable , make it swivel so the user can vape without having to tip the tank . I would make the tank in like a dark charcoal color . redesign the airflow so it's like the triton . Mini Nautilus is already a big game changer for those who just quit smoking , so we need to be careful on how to redesign something already successful. give it a top fill tank , but make it to where one can disassemble it as well .

  • @powermix24 we are waiting for your style :D
  • Here is my design sorry it was hard to do it on my phone with the S Pen lol
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  • @BeccaKurtich your very welcome good luck and happy vaping. ;)
  • im agree with a topfill system
  • @JennyT3541 colorful design,Red drip tip +white tube+blue base hardware.
  • image

    I am showing a pic of the Arctic tank to show what a gun metal tank looks like. I think this color would be awesome! I would like to see a top-fill design, but only if the tank can come apart completely for cleaning and replacing the glass. I would like to see a variety of colors for the glass as well. Of course, adjustable air flow is a must. I would prefer the "click" choices like the current Nautilus or Subtank, but one choice should be wide open. I would also love to see (at least) two options in drip tips - one wide-bore and one small-bore for MTL vapers. I am also partial to Pyrex drip tips, so that could be another option.

    The real issue seems to be with the coils. I think the 1.8 Ohm Nautilus coils are perfect, and should keep them. A number of other coils have been hit or miss, so they need to be tested extensively to make sure that leaking issues are resolved before they go on market. I like the wide selection we have with the Triton, so I would love to see choices including Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium coils. Keep the standard resistance coils along with the subohm ones.

    All said, I think it is about offering a number of options with your new tank. The current lattice tank is great, and that kind of thing should be an option when you are buying a new tank. Give choices on color, tank style, drip tip and coils. I know it is a lot to engineer, but you will have many more happy customers this way. :)
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  • Awesome ideas @watkijw and thanks for showing the gunmetal finish. I love it! :-bd
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    Cool idea. Lets see what really comes out of this :-)

    My comments/ideas:

    1. THE LOOKS (applies to standard /big/ Nautilus): I just vote for a stainless steel body with pyrex inner tank, something like a crossover between a Vivi Nova and the existing hollowed stainless steel body (see the picture) or, better, a crossover between Triton body with large windows and the existing hollowed stainless steel body. I really like the shape of the existing hollowed stainless steel body (shame there is no T-window tank for the big Nautilus) , its upper part is much more elegant than the traditional Nautilus top AND it offers much needed protection for the glass tube. But please DO keep the 510 driptip base on top of whatever redesign you come forward with. Stainless steel tank with no windows is useless.

    2. THE INNER DESIGN (both Nautilus types): please add a sealing (silicone) o-ring in the chimney where the top of the coil sits. The tanks tend to leak because of this flaw in design.

    3. A PROTECTOR FOR GLASS TANKS: a good thing would be a hollowed silicone sleeve for the glass tank in various colors (just like the lower sealing rings which also come in various colors) for extra protection and to make picking the right tank with the right flavour from the toolbox easier :-)
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  • Joel360 said:

    @ElGribo that is a sick tank! :-bd

    Yeah, sick is good! :-) Is it sicker than a pink Nautilus, preferably with Hello Kitty engraving? If not, I gotta work on this idea some more :-)))
    Seriously, it was just an initial idea, I would love to get something with stainless steel outer body (for protection and the looks) and pyrex innards. I like Triton design so why not something along this line...?
  • @ElGribo Have passed your suggestion to aspire products development department.
  • @JennyT3541 yes cool, but somewhat gimmicky....but cool nonetheless!
  • Dear Friends,
    Thank you for taking part in this contest and giving us your kind suggestion.
    Now the contest is over,I will post the winner's name here later.

  • @Tina Awesome :) i Have emailed you my details. cool competition with some really great ideas from everyone who got involved
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