Odyssey kit experience and questions/suggestions.

Hello Internet, new vaper here with a few questions. Sorry if this gets a bit long. Thank you for the help in advance.

I started vaping about a month ago on an itaste clk 800, after 3 weeks the battery stopped firing so I took it back and the store handed me an aspire pen battery to get me through until mine was back from warranty no questions asked. I found the flavour to be better on the aspire with all the same power. I have been researching vaping and which box mod to start with for about 3 months. I wanted to avoid the "standard vaping progression" of starting small and working up through mods. I wanted something I could try as much variation as possible and specialize to my taste later so I decided to go with the Evic VTC mini. The store was waiting for them to come in. So I went in that day and they didn't arrive. However they had suggested the aspire Odyssey kit that had just come in instead. Although I hadn't researched it specifically I decided to take the risk due to my previous experience with the aspire pen, and the staff/store.

I started vaping on the Pegasus with the 1.8 ohm coil. 2 tanks in I decided to switch to the 0.15 ohm ni-200 coil and try TC. It switched into temp control mode no problem but the coil was registering at 0.23 ohms. I got worried because according to the instructions "Coils that have a resistance above 0.15 ohms will continue to read as 0.15 ohms when vaped in tempurature control mode." The way I read this is that the mod WILL NOT show TC coils above 0.15 ohms on the screen, so I thought there may be something wrong.
Was I reading the instructions wrong, or is there possibly something else going on?
I tried vaping it anyway but when I got up to 350-400 degrees the tank got so hot it burned my lips. So I switched back to the 1.8 ohms (Power Mode) and it was fine. I took it into my store and they plugged in another TC coil and it registered at 0.15 ohms no problem. He gave me the coil no questions asked and sent me on my way. I assume I just got a bum coil, no manufacturing is perfect and it worked out well so I have no problem there at all. The TC coil is working great now. (All coils were room temp when registered)

I have a few questions and suggestions that I have not been able to find answers too:
1. Does the Pegasus have upgradable firmware?
2. Can I access the software to adjust the max wattage in TC mode? My n00b throat had trouble adjusting to the 70 watt start in TC mode. I've gotten used to it but I would still like the ability to change it for battery life and safety (i.e. if someone has a battery that is not safe at 21 amps* it could get dangerous for some other new vapers that haven't done their battery research) and to potentially prevent some new vapers giving up due to the harsh throat hit at first, it was pretty jarring to be honest (TC is supposed to be smooth and consistent, now that I'm used to it, it is smooth, but was harsh at first). *According to Ohms law generator this is the amps for 70W at 0.15 ohms.
3. I found that the screen had to be ON before attaching a new coil to get it to register. Some reviewers didn't and assumed it wasn't working right, when they just didn't get to know how the mod works before doing the review. Maybe emphasizing this in the instructions may avoid potentially bad PR for a perfectly working mod, that reviewers didn't fully understand.
4. Is there a visual warning for the discharge protection? I didn't see one. I was vaping at 30W on the 0.4 ohm coil and when it bumped down to 20W in protection, the screen still said 30W but the volts were at what ohms law says would be 20W. A flashing 20W might help other new vapers understand why they are gettting such a weak hit all of a sudden, or did I just miss it on the screen?
5. Does it work with titanium coils? Some places say it does, some don't. From what I understand about TC due to the differences in composition between titanium and nickel, the math that the chip has to do to calculate the tempurature is slightly different and if its not correct it can result in the mod registering wrong and potentially negative effects on the coil and/or vapour.

So far I am very happy with my first box mod purchase. Thank you aspire for being such a positive influence on my first steps into a hobby that I am very enthusiastic about and has been the only thing that has worked to help me quit smoking after 22 years. If the things in my list cannot be addresed on the current mod, I hope you will consider them on the next one you put out.

Thank you aspire from a happy new customer. Thank you all who took the time to read my long post, and to those who reply. :D :)>-
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  • @Vapin00b Answer your question as below:
    1.At present,the pegasus doesn't have a upgradable firmware
    2.users can not access the software to adjust the max wattage in TC mode,the wattage will change according to the temperature user set.
    3.the screen had to be ON before attaching a new coil to get it to register,this is correct,we have put this information in our manual.
    4.When the battery cannot handle the wattage load the user has set, due to low charge the device decreases the wattage by 10 watt increments. The Pegasus will still fire, though at the throttled wattage.
    5.it work with titanium coils
  • @Vapin00b Just to add a couple of things to the above.

    I noted the "will not show the resistance if it is above 0.15" thing and in my brief testing it was actually showing my TC coil as 0.21ohms whilst in TC mode, so I do not understand it - perhaps lost in the translation.

    The ability to limit or set the wattage in TC mode can be an advantage as it allows you to modify the fierceness or ramp up time of the coil so, for example, if you set the wattage too low you might never actually get to the temperature you have set UNTIL your coil starts running low on juice. Conversly, if you set the wattage very high the coil is going to heat up very quickly and then the TC mode will jump into action to reduce the power and ensure it does not get too hot.

    That is why I have now ordered, your original choice, the evic VTC mini as that does allow you to set the wattage and temperature so gives you a little more choice and adjustability than just relying on a built in default non adjustable algorythm decided by the manufacturer.
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