New Aspire Triton

I just got my Triton this evening from Ebay, I see no way to adjust the upper vents which are closed (bottom vents work fine) and it is leaking so bad a can't even get to see any juice in the sightglass. The o ring seals on the coil body look ok, am a a loss to figure out what is happening.
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  • Have you checked the authentication scratch off to see if what you bought is really Aspire? Mostly fake Tritons are sold on ebay. to set the upper airflow control (if it's there) hold onto the finned area below the drip tip and hold the very top of the tank while turning the finned area.
  • Can you upload some pics maybe?
  • Thanks guys, I got the upper airflow to move it was just very very tight. The tank I think is not new it has no ID label.
    Guess I will try to find new coils locally today.

    Well mine leaked out faster than I could fill it, then this morning a found the problem; The drip tip assembly consists of TWO parts not one as I thought. I was only removing the upper part to fill and hence putting juice in the wrong place. I do think the web page directions are not very clear, but all is well now.
  • Glad to hear things are back to normal.....whatever that is! :-O
  • Good to hear thanks for the update.
  • Hi aspire how come my triton leaked on the airflow hole. I already leave the tank stand when unused, when refilling the juice i will close it tight n make sure all the airflow holes closed. Any solution or suggestion from your team?
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