Pegasus Charging with USB

Hello, I will receive my pegasus monday, I have a question , I try to find the answer on the net but found nothing...

Do the pegasus have a board that regulate the amp while charging with the USB connector ? I ask because my PC motherboard is kind of special and have 3X the power delivery on the USB so 1.5A and not 500mA ( gigabyte 3X power system). So the pegasus will take whatever you give it or will regulate say 500 mA ?

I also have a rc car hobby charger that can do LIPO/Life/Lion ,turnigy accucel 50W and A6 200W I can use I supose but just in case I want to plug in the PC what will hapend ?
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  • @GroupB there is a board inside the Pegasus that regulate the amp while charging with the USB charger.
    The maximum input amp is 1A.The supplied USB charger inside the box with the Pegasus can hold 2A amp.
    For your rc car hbby charger,you need tell us the spec(the output and input current and voltage),then I will check with our engineer for you.

  • So if I understand you right , the board inside limit the battery charging to 1 A, and the max input into the pegasus board (pc usb Amperage or wall charger Amperage) should be max 2 A. Correct me if im wrong here...

    For the rc charger that alright I know what to do, I have many years of lipo charging and understand the lion/lipo/life battery specification
  • Hi there. I also have a question on this. I have the pegasus mod as well as the charging dock and I was wanting to know if it was safe to charge using my Kindle 3pin to USB wall socket adapter. This is rated as having an output of 5v and 0.85 amps. From the above it sounds like I would be safe to charge using this adapter but wanted to check.
  • Hi...
    I have that question too.
    I got the charging dock today and I wonder if it's safe to plug and charge through my wall's socket that its output is 1A.
    Is it safe?
    Thank you...
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    @Thorin13 how about the output voltage?if it is 4.5V-5V,you can use it.
  • To help make sense of this for everyone let me try to explain what Tina is saying. The Pegasus charging via USB is rated at 5V +/-0.5V(standard USB Voltage) @ 1A. You can use a charger that is less than 1A but the device will take longer to charge. If you use a charger that is greater than 1A, the device will only accept 1A of that power at max. So a 1.5A or 2A cellphone charger would work just fine(I have used my Samsung car charger on mine just fine and it is a higher Amp charger).
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