help...nube 1st upgrade.. nautilus mini coil issues- coil choices?

1st i want to say sorry if this is a dup. question. I have read so much and watched so many videos in such a short time my heads spinning . been vapein 1month 6 days- 13days smokes free. what I don't understand are the coils in the adjustable airflow tanks. have nothing to compare to-- only have nautilus mini for 9 days. coil that was in tank started tasteing funny after 1 week broke out spare that came with it. didn't even get threw 1/2 tank & it was the worst thing I ever tasted in my life. no its not a clone, real deal. and yes I primed it. most of you guys know what your talking about any help you are willing to give me I would be honored. oh I went threw all the spitting and e-liquid and burnt pieces in my mouth. Are theses coils safe? what other choices do I have in coils? b/c if I can learn how to straighten this out I would like to get the other tanks for nautilus mini. have lots of ??? anyone?

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  • Sorry you are having problems - it can all be very confusing to new vapers especially lately with the thousands of options for coils, tanks, mods etc. that are available now.

    Good news on the 13 days smoke free - I am sure there are people on here that will try and help you get your vaping back on track!

    First of all can you give us a bit of information:

    What battery or mod are you running the Nautilus mini on?

    If this is an adjustable mod - how many watts or volts do you have it set to?

    What are the resistance values of the 1st and 2nd coils - it is printed on the side of the coil - they should have likely been 1.8 ohm and 1.6 ohm?

    What juice are you using and what is the nicotine content - xxmg ?

    If you can reply with that information then we might be able to come up with some ideas - I must say it is unusual as I have used the Nautilus (full size and mini) for a long time and never had one spitting liquid at me so obviously something is very wrong somewhere.
  • @woodbar thank you so much for responding & for your support on quitting. will try to answer all questions. cool fire iv, both coils 1.80ohm, juice 60vg 40pg, nic. 1.0-1.2 do have small amount of 0.6 was going to try to drop my nic level again, but after this think i'll wait a bit b/c feel like I could suck 2 reg. smokes down in nothing flat-- good thing mod came with adapter for my old KangerTech T3S tanks had a working one. the 1st tank was mostly set on 8.5watts & 4.2volts---tried briefly up to 15w and 4.7v have it set at 10w 3.4v I know it goes up to 40watts and 7.5volts I see no reason to do that. when I bought it the guy knew a little of how I vape he set it low and told me I could play with it some to see what I liked. what else can I tell you? the 1st night I had it thought set the air flow on smallest hole, b/c the drag was hard so I took a harder draw. what a surprise I got! also have cleaned it every day by wiping off and using q tips. sometimes black pieces were in my drip tip(yuck)
  • I suggest that you take out one of the coils and soak it in vodka overnight. Rinse well with hot water and let dry for a few hours. reload into the clearomizer, fill with juice...wait about 10 minutes for the coil to absorb the juice, try a vape. If you started vaping on it before the juice had time to soak into the coil (give it about 10-15 minutes before vaping) then you may have burnt the cotton and that coil will always taste like that. That could account for the black pieces in the drip tip (perhaps burnt cotton from the offending coil).
  • I agree with everything @charlzrocks said especially as your juice is reasonably thick at that ratio so the waiting time after filling on a clean dry coil is most important - you could take a few dummy pulls without pressing the fire button - I sometimes do this with my finger over the air hole on the side at the bottom so the suction drags more juice into the coil - don't over do it though as you can flood the coil!

    The only thing I could add is to do another quick rinse in Vodka (or Isopropyl Alcohol if available) after the hot water which will speed up the final drying out process of the coil for you.

    Funnily enough I have a Cool Fire IV with a Nautilus + 1.6 ohm coil sitting next to me on the desk right now - could I suggest you use the largest air setting and start at about 10 watts.

    It is certainly very odd and it would definitely seem to be a coil problem unless the Cool Fire is actually giving out a lot more power than it is showing on the display?

  • Ethanol or vodka is a better choice than isopropanol, as isopropanol is poisonous. If you use isopropanol, make sure that the coil is completely dry before re-using it.

    I use isopropanol for cleaning my tanks, but follow that with water to remove it, then dry the tanks.

    Be careful, be safe.
  • @charlzrocks , @woodbar , @Old_Salt - everything the 3 of you said makes sense and thanks for your input! Now hope I get this right -
    1st No vodka. Although can see how that would work well, it's out. Have 91% isopropyl alcohol in front of me, but like you said @Old_Salt its poisonous. Can any of you think of something else I can soak them in? @charlzrocks maybe I didn't, but thought I waited long enough for juice to absorb--especially since 1st coil was done in shop in front of me. The only thing done different was... shown to put 6 drops of juice directly in coil were screen is when it's a new coil . Did you ever hear of that before?
    @woodbar I do the dummy pulls like you suggested. Tend to have a hard pull however, so I very easily could have flooded it and I like your suggestion of 10 watts and largest air setting. Tried all air settings. I only have these 2 coils and will be awhile until can get more. Have to try cleaning them. Are these the ceramic coils? Really want to find out what I'm doing wrong. I'd love to use the aspire nautilus mini tank. Again Thank You For Your Time and Experience
  • @wodathot you can trust @charlzrocks ,@Old_Salt @woodbar because they are experienced vapers

    Thank you @charlzrocks ,@Old_Salt @woodbar for sharing your using experience and helping others.
  • PG, VG, and ethanol are all soluble or miscible in or with water and are the three bases used for e-liquids. The reason I recommend ethanol first is that many of the flavors used to make e-liquids are not water soluble, but are soluble in ethanol. If you look on DIY suppliers websites you'll find that many of the flavor concentrates may be used up to 10% of the total volume of a vapable e-liquid. The ethanol or vodka treatment first is to dilute and remove as much of these flavorings as possible. The water bath that follows will remove most of the remaining ethanol, PG, and VG.

    If you don't want to use ethanol, the best you can achieve is boiling the coil for 10 minutes, drain, boil for another ten minutes, drain, and set aside to dry for a few days. Use at least 100ml water for each coil.
  • @Tina Agree with you 100% on both accounts!!!
  • @Old_Salt I really thank you for this info. Had no idea about the ethanol in DIY e-liquids. Don't use them as far as I know!----However when I am able to get to one of the trustworthy vapor shops- I will be questioning them a whole lot more on e-liquids. So sorry to all of you if I sounded bold or rude when I said about no vodka. This is not the place for personal issues so I wasn't going to say anything, but point blank--- in recovery many yrs. I really didn't know how to say couldn't use it. I have so much too learn. I give everyone of you that has stopped smoking threw vaping so much credit. And encourage all vapors to please share their knowledge. Look what I just learned from @Old_Salt now and before from him and @charlzrocks & @woodbar will let you know what happens
  • @wodathot The folks working in vape shops have no idea what's in the liquids they sell. The product recipes are jealously guarded their manufacturers. Ethanol was added to e-liquid when I started vaping to increase the 'throat hit.' Today, other compounds are usually used to achieve the same end, and ethanol is only added as part of some of the concentrated flavors that are mixed to produce the final liquid. Your daily exposure to ethanol through vaping is probably less than eating a piece of ripe fruit.

    I took no offence to your earlier comment, and wish you the strength to continue your recovery.
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