Where do I turn to now?!?!?!

I'm having huge problems with my Odyssey Kit and I can't get a reply from Aspire. I have tried for a solid month to get in touch with them to figure out what I need to do with "self-destructing" Pegasus mod. I used the mod for maybe 20mins and then i received a "check atomizer" alert. I tried a new coil/tank with no luck. I have sent countless emails/messages/facebook to get in touch with Aspire. I don't know what to do now. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • See what I mean, still being ignored!
  • Same for me so far , never ever use it and it switch to TC without a TC coil, and stay there and give me check atomizer... Your lucky you got 20 min out of your, I got nothing
  • .... and I am still being ignored.

    Here is a plea to customer support - Aspire has marketed a new mod, the Pegasus (Odyssey kit), which it is clear was not totally thought through and/or tested in the rush to add the TC facility.

    It has proved to be unworkable or unusable for many new and loyal customers and is casting a dark shadow over the hitherto good reputation Aspire had for producing good quality innovotive well made products.

    You need to do something - at least acknowledge there is a problem and maybe to apologise would be a start to repairing some of the damage?

    Those that have a fully working Pegasus which fits there needs maybe should not reply - whilst we are pleased for you, this thread concerns those that have a problem with the device who are seeking feedback from Aspire, in vain at the moment.
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    I know this won't be of any help to you (it might be to prospective purchasers though) but I am in exactly the same situation and I am being totally ignored by Aspire customer support.

    It seems they don't perceive the devices have any problems (that they will admit to) so we must all be idiots that do not know how to use them.

    Did you get yours direct from Aspire in China?

    You have my heartfelt sympathy - unfortunately that will not sort your problem.
  • I did get mine directly for Aspire in China. I just don't know why they just won't answer back.
  • They don't answer back because they don't want to answer back. I mean if they actually had dialogue with actual users then they might realise there is actually a problem!

    I also sympathise with you as well. My Pegasus is now a paperweight, a rather expensive and good looking one, nonetheless a paperweight. I just hope people look on the forums before purchasing.

    You know the power of soical networking can really help don't you? I am not saying anything else, because i don't have the time or inclination to complain anymore to them.


  • @cmbbdemo I just checked with our service:service@aspirecig.com
    We never received a email from you.

    Please check that you sent the email to a correct email address.
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    @Tina .... and did you get the one from me which was sent to the address you quoted above as well as from the"contact us" form on my account page - so twice in all?
  • Still being ignored!
  • Aspire customer support suck and odyssey kit is a disaster. No way around it I guess. I'ts a heavy kit so i'ts perfect as a paperweight.
    Never aspire again.
  • retro123 said:

    Aspire customer support suck and odyssey kit is a disaster. No way around it I guess. I'ts a heavy kit so i'ts perfect as a paperweight.
    Never aspire again.


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