My new aspire Pegasus box mod with Triton Tank

Using .4 coil Vaping at 25 watts getting the smallest cloud- almost nothing- bottom air vent wide open.
I smoke it like a cigarette.
What's wrong?
I have been using a nautilus tank with sub on battery for 11 months and get a great hit and nice amount of cloud!
Thought my new mod would work better not worse. Have watched many videos and don't know what I'm doing wrong?????
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • If you use a 1.8ohm coil you can puff it like a cigarette. Try the that coil that might be what your looking for. The sub ohm coils are for lung hits. The 1.8ohm coils are mouth to lung hits.
  • Hi @Sherryremy , Like @Tina and @Joel360 said, the .4 ohm coil is for mouth to lung vaping....that is to say when vaping you inhale directly to your lungs....with the 1.8 ohm coil you can do mouth to lung vaping which is when you draw vapor into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs more like smoking a cigarette. Try the 1.8 ohm coil with the airflow control at it's least open setting and I think you will get what you are looking for. Good luck and let us all know how this works for you! :D
  • @Sherryremy Similar issues with mine. I bought the Odyssey kit less than two weeks ago from my local shop, upgrading from my Aspire 30W box. The first week I was pretty much in denial about its performance, trying the different coils, airflow configurations, and a higher discharge battery. Finally today I threw the Triton tank on my 30W mod. The beat up old box thoroughly outperformed its intended replacement.
    I went back to the shop today and they confirmed it wasn't the battery or the tank, insightfully offering that maybe it's a "bad chip."
    Still had the box... but no receipt, so they wouldn't replace it.
    Aspire, are you out there? Make it right! D:
  • @Sherryremy the 0.4 ohm coils are for directly to lung vaping style,you can not use it like a cigarette.
    Users need take long puff.
    What's more,for the 0.4 ohm coil,the suggested wattage is 25-30W,you can adjust the wattage to get your favorite vapor.
    Last and it is most important that the vg proportion of the e-juice will also affect the vapor amount,if you want to get amount vapor,please try to use high vg proportion e-juice.

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