Aspire Premium kit, metallic taste

2 weeks ago, I bought an aspire premium kit which includes a mini nautilus tank, a CF VV+ battery and 5 coils. I verified that my product was genuine.

I enjoyed the experience. I used 50/50 mix. Until yesterday. The vapors started to taste somewhat strange, so I decided to change the coil. Afterwards, it started to taste like metal and very toxic. I cleaned it, changed the coil again; same problem. I tried all my 5 coils and the taste persists. What should I do? I have read a lot of posts reporting a similar problem. Will buying new coils solve the problem?
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  • So I opened one of the coil to check if it was cotton or that mysterious ceramic material and it was the ceramic material. Also it was obviously burned. Am I going to die?
  • @ncg777 Eventually we all die;) but not today!

    Verify the coils are authentic. If your dealer is an authorized Aspire dealer, they may exchange them for you. Set the minimum voltage on the CF VV+ for each new coil and go up a little at a time until you get the flavor you want. The burning means that the voltage was turned up to high.
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    @Old_Salt They were1.8 ohm coils (the ones included in the premium kit) and I always used the 3.8v setting, which is under what I found to be actually recommended. I bought it at

    There's just so much contradictory infos flying around and so little in the manual; if this product is that complicated to operate, maybe it should not be on the market.

    I suspect I may have damaged the connector by not letting the device dry long enough and/or by cleaning the base hardware with a q-tip, leading to some kind of uncontrolled discharges of electricity which instantly burned the coils' material.

    I'm quite sure that the toxic fumes I inhaled was the fibreglass/ceramic/whatever stuff burning, and now I am feeling a bit sick. The aftertaste is still there after more than 12 hours and my teeth feel strange; it feels like my mouth was covered with some kind of powdered metal.
  • So I cleaned the tank thoroughly and let it dry for a day. I went to the store and they replaced the coils. Now the problem seems to be solved.
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    ...and the coil burned again within a few hours. So I went back to the store. They replaced the base of the tank and now the problem seem to be solved once again, I hope for good now.
  • The metallic taste came back. I went back to the store. They did not agree that the taste was that bad, but were kind enough to refund me.

    End of story.
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