5 pack BDC from aliexpress - can I be sure?


I have received a 5-pack BDC coil from aliexpress. The scratch code was OK and never checked before.

Could the code be counterfeit - or can I be sure that I have a genuine product?

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  • If you could attach some images of the package, it would help to determine. They may be genuine but being they are BDC, they would be old coils. Sites like that you can never be too sure.
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    Here are the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/kmo3P

    Is there any downside to using old coils if they are genuine?
  • No they should be OK.
  • @maktone ,it maybe genuine,but I am not sure.Because,With the development of technology,the counterfeiting goods are more and more like the original one,we even can not distinguish the counterfeitiong one from the original one from the surface or the packaging,only when we use it,we find the performance of the counterfeiting one is not as good as the original one.which makes us so worried.we try our best to stop the counterfreiters,last time,we cooperated with police and catch a big counterfeiting goods manufacturer ,we captured many fake aspire products.
    So here,we suggestion our customers,in order to get our original products,please go the trustworthy shop to buy our products. or buy our products from our online store directly or from aspire authorized distributors.
  • Is it really possible to make a fake scratch code?
  • @maktone now,the science and technology develop so fast,it is possible to make a fake scratch code but check out to be original

  • @Tina Once i use my scratchcode is anyone else able to use the same code? Or is my code then "spent" and if anyone else types in the same code, does it come back as fake?


  • Madboy
    when you and the other one got the same security code,one of you must got fake aspire products.
    If you checked the security code ,the other one to check the same security code,it will shows the security code has been checked before,which shows it is fake aspire product.

    Even the security code checked out to be original ,it has the chance to be fake aspire product.As the science and technology develop so fast,it is possible to make a fake scratch code but check out to be original.

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