Aspire Pegasus TC MOD video manual

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  • Is the chip in the Pegasus upgradable? Maybe Aspire could put in an update.
  • @Tina very nice video manual. I am glad that he mentions about the nautilus coils when using the TC feature. It still creeps me out that there are the disembodied hands ..... would be nice to see the rest of the person too. I still dislike that the cord on the charging dock somes out in front on the same side that you view the Pegasus info screen, it should have the cord routed to the back of the dock instead and use a black or silver cord instead of that orange one. :((
  • Thanks Tina awesome video :-bd
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    @charlzrocks I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
    Yes,it is not very convenience to see the screen,if the cord on the charging dock somes out in front on the same side.
    These days,I think of that if I am a engineer,what I am going to design the Pegasus mod and the charging dock?
    If I am a engineer, I will make a special button on the mod,then I can switch between TC mode and wattage mode by myself by just click this button one time
    If I am a engineer,I will make a pink color for girls
    If I am a engineer,I will ...

    So interesting.

    How do you think about my design?

  • Good one Charlz :-bd
  • Thanks charlz maybe they will look into it.
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