Triton on Smok X Cube II

I just got the Smok X Cube 2 and upgraded the firmware on the device so that I can do SS Coils. What an upgrade it is. Temp Control on a Stainless Steel Coil on any device is crazy. If you decide to use this device for TC with the SS coils, I would recommend setting your temperature coefficient to the 0.00200 setting and using soft or minimum at a temp of 380F or higher. Lower than that and you cannot get hardly a vape out of it. It is a very nice vape though. Took some time to get it to work and I was getting pissed off at it and wondering if the firmware update was messed up, but I did get it to work.
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  • I was kind of confused by the logic of the X cube 2, buying a mod for around £60 and then paying less than £1 to "unlock" more features just seems a bit odd as its such a small percentage of the cost of the mod you just bought. I believe you have to buy the option for titanium too.

    I hope they're not just testing the market to see if they can get away with selling extras after the initial purchase (think rip-off DLC in some computer games...) - as long as it doesn't get out of control with extra purchases I'll keep an open mind :)
  • Nice work! It looks like the MOD has the features I've been looking for.
  • The IPV3li does it also haven't tried the tc yet.
  • Does tc work on nichrome coils also?
  • @Old_Salt does tc work on nichrome coils?
  • No, most TC mods on the market do not do nichrome coils. The DNA 200 chips can be set up for it but not really an option atm for most mods.
  • @Joel360 I don't know. TC isn't a feature I wanted. I like the memories and dual 18650 batteries. I'll have a look at it when it arrives at a local vape shop. I was disappointed with my last MOD purchase where I went by specs.
  • Very cool - I have an X Cube II coming in the mail myself. The Bluetooth abilities and light settings really sold me. Nice to know I can use TC with SS coils too! Man, I need to buy a lot of wire... LOL
  • @watkijw you will have to upgrade the firmware and and pay $0.99 in the app to be able to enable it.
  • Smoktech has it as a feature because they are releasing the TFV4 coils in SS.
  • They have released the X Cube Mini. I looks like a single replaceable 18650 battery version of the X Cube II limited to 75W. No reviews yet, and no pricing information.
  • @Viruk FYI the only upgrade options available are Titanium for $.49 and SS for $.99, not sure how that converts to Pounds. I agree it is rather silly to have to pay for the upgrades, but they are worth it and at least there is not a whole library of upgrades for purchase. I rather enjoy my X Cube II. :)
  • @watkijw the x cube 2 does look pretty cool but I'm considering waiting for the snow wolf v2 to come along. I'm noticing quite a voltage drop on the Pegasus at 70w when running dual Clapton coils on the velocity so I'm probably going to invest in some more power - the charging base for the Pegasus really comes in handy to keep the battery "topped off".

    In terms of the paid extras - the price is low enough - but I'm just a bit cynical regarding whether they are testing the market in order to keep extracting money from customers. However, as long as each upgrade is a sensible price and genuinely offers something new then it seems like a better option than buying a new mod each time!
  • The specs for the Snow Wolf are impressive, but 200W from 2 X 18650 batteries seems pretty dangerous. That's 31.25A at the low end of your charge. I'd say no chain vaping for you ;)
  • Personally, I bought this X Cube 2 to hold me over until I can afford the money to build a DNA 200. And gimmicks. I like gimmicks. But this gimmicky device is actually one that does as promised with impressive battery life.
  • I agree, it is a nice mod for the price. The gimmicks are fun, with the wifi connection to an app and pretty cool lights. I'm not much of a fan of the firing bar, as it is easy to accidentally fire the mod, but overall a fun and functional mod. :)
  • The price has dropped to $62 for the X-Cube II. I found a site to pre-order the X-Cube Mini for $52. I'm still holding out to see what Aspire will come out with.
  • I blew up my MOD today (510 socket loose, wires shorted) so I replaced it with a Smok X-Cube II for 99.99CDN or 72.00USD.

    Now, I suppose that you expect me to sing its praises. I'm sorry, but that's just not going to happen. I returned it within three hours to the B&M where I purchased it. Why? Smok updated their app on Sept 29, and that version will not run on my Android 4.4.2 device. Google Play has almost 700 folks reporting the same problem.

    I mention it here to ensure that Aspire knows the importance of ensuring both internal and external software (apps) are fully functional and stable prior to release. Any apps should request only the minimum privileges from a device. Do NOT accept the default of all privileges when compiling it. I highly recommend that the previous version of any software remain available to customers for at least 90 days, in case any problems show up so they can revert to a known good version.

    Smoktech has had poor results with the MX80, and now with the Smok BEC app. These have caused many customers to leave. Hopefully this will not happen to Aspire.
  • I genuinely wonder why it is necessary to have an ecig communicate with a PC, phone or your refrigerator :-)

    Now, really, can someone tell me what advantages they see in this approach? I purchased an evic head that has a possibility to communicate with a PC and after testing the software (just to find out what it can/cannot do) I have never used this feature again. For me it is always more comfortable to adjust my wattage/voltage via my mod controls in comparison with having to plug in a cable, fumbling with a phone just to find out that BT connection dropped when I took the mod too far away from the phone and never reconnected....

    What good does this bring to you, guys, I am seriously interested in your views and experience.

    /P.S. On the other hand I assume that some features, such as firmware upgrade through a USB, could be good (if the update does not screw up your ecig and you cannot revert back)./
  • @ElGribo I'm pretty much of the same opinion as you. Smoktech decided to make some features optional such as TC for titanium and stainless steel coils. These are extras you need to buy separately. Other features such as Mech Mode can only be activated by the app. Setup for new coils and the color bar is easier using the app. I think software updates for the MOD are done via the app as well.

    Puff counter, and the GPS location of where I puffed are not of any interest to me. Access to the MOD for setup is value added for me as I don't have to squint or use extra strong glasses to read the on-board display. Being able to buy extra features that others may not use at a modest cost seems reasonable. Distributing software updates for their hardware using someone else's resources is just plain smart, and something Microsoft only dreams they could figure out how to accomplish.
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    @Old_Salt lt Yeah the mod looks fine, although I guess the extra functions that have to be enabled through micropayments are just ridiculous as the hardware is there anyway. If an extra chip were needed to activate this, it would make more sense to pay some extra bucks for a TC enabled mod. Me got a Vaporflask that has a TC function as well (though for Ni200 coils only) and it just works out of the box.

    What confuses me - you really cannot charge the mod via the USB? Or do I misunderstand the info on the Smok page here: - it says USB port for upgrading FW not charging (WTH?)

    EDIT: considering that you HAVE to rely on an external device (phone) to set up your mod and to switch between BASIC functions....not for me...and the app seems to be crappy piece of SW as it apparently does not work as advertised.
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    @ElGribo Yes, the hardware is there. That hardware will allow TC with ANY material, even Kanthal! Currently the holdup is research and software for TC with other materials. Materials such as Ni200, titanium, and stainless steel can use a constant for TC as the temperature curve is fairly linear in the region we use. Kanthal and other materials will require an equation or indexed table as the relationship is non-linear. A micro-payment for new functionality is much cheaper than a new MOD. That's why I'm excited by Smok's approach to the problem. What I'd really like to see is open source software for the MOD.

    Smok's app would be something I could take or leave, if it wasn't required to access the full functionality of the MOD. Sliders to control wattage or temperature are much easier to use than up/down buttons. I can see its use for folks that are on the go.

    The USB port is only for software upgrades to the MOD. I'd like to see it moved, and the ability to charge the battery added for the port. I REALLY like Aspire's approach to charging with the Pegasus. That charging base is an awesome idea.

    I also like their untreated and uncoated stainless steel case. Customers can laser etch or treat the case to personalize it. Think of the market for MODs with corporate logos. Remeber Zippo lighters? How many companies and organizations had their logo on them? I think it would be easier to count those that didn't.

  • USB Port (and inner hw) that is not capable of charging is a big no no for me as I consider this a serious flaw in versatility of the device. Today everyone carries a micro usb cable (or even a charger) for their phones around and therefore you can always find a (car) charger/computer/powerbank to top the battery just enough to make it last home where a fresh set of batts is stashed :-)

    Sure, it pays to have a proper 18650 charger available and to charge them properly from time to time but the possibility to charge my mod directly makes the difference when the stuff is about to hit the fan.

    Some of the ideas of the mod are cool, I don't mind the micropayments that much....but those issues (app control, charging) I mentioned would render it hardly appropriate for my needs even if I considered getting a new mod. Happy I got the time to wait for cube III :-)
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    I think cube III will simply be a software update for the cube II. The hardware is there ;) well, except for the charge via USB :(
  • @Old_Salt Maybe even the charging chip is in there but they are waiting for people getting ready to buy the respective little software upgrade for generous amount of $99.90 :D
  • Perhaps. Do any of the two cell MODs have an on-board recharger? My Sigelei 150, and the SnowWolf 200 don't. It's common for single cell MODs.
  • Yeah, I have Vaporflask DNA40 (clone I suspect) and iStick 100W and both can be charged thru USB port. The iStick has no TC, however, but that's something I knew and didn't mind. I don't ususally do subohm (only few puffs once - twice a day), I just love the batt capacity and the feeling of something substantial in my hand. Just something that will keep me going for two days without recharge.
  • The saga continues. I've been using my Sigelei 150 since I returned the X-Cube. Today, my wife's MOD blew as well. I suspect that leakage caused it. There were no low cost (under $50 CAD) MODs at my local B&M. All my wife needs is something for the Nautilus.

    I had to buy a MOD, and since the X-Cube was the most promising at the under 100 CAD mark, I re-purchased it, knowing the Android app doesn't work. I planned on using my grand daughter's iPhone to enable TC, and get the SS upgrade. Well, these needed an upgrade to the X-Cube's firmware. Can you guess where I'm going with this? Yes, the firmware updater on Smoktech's website came up with the error "Invalid Chip ID," and refused to update the firmware. I found a way around it. PM me if you need the details.

    Sorry Aspire for ranting about a competitor's product. I hope that you get a few laughs from their ineptitude ;)
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